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  1. I've cleared up almost completely. Just the pigmentation needs to go but you can hardly see that in photos. I haven't had any new side effects. Just dry lips but aquafor does wonders.
  2. WOW I have not updated this in almost a month!! I have been extremely busy recently. So here's my Update: Day 56 I am now starting my third month of Accutane. The first month on 80 mg made me break out a little bit and kept my skin really really dry and flaky. It was so hard to maintain. Needed to moisturize twice or thrice a day and used Aquafor 4 times a day. Currently, I have two big cysts. One on my forehead and one on my right cheek. They are really dry and about to go away though.
  3. The second and third week were the worst for me. But just know that it will be all over soon
  4. Yung Raptor

    Accutane Journey

    Weekly updates of my Accutane Journey. Starting on May 30th.
  5. Day 34 (Week 5) Been a whole week since I posted. I've been really busy plus it was a long weekend so I was busy going out with friends and family. In terms of acne, my face has been steady. I do get a couple of red big bumps on my forehead and jaw line every now and then but they go away in 2 days. My nose is still clear!! The best it has ever been. My skin does look a lot more red now a days too. The scars and hyper-pigmentation is really visible now. One big side effect I noticed after
  6. Week 4/Month 1(Day 28) Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been quite busy with everything. Anyways, I had my second appointment with my derm today and he prescribed me 80mg a day now. So i take two 40 mg pills once a day with food. He said I might experience another IB but I really hope I don't. Another thing to note: On Saturday, I spent the whole day outside for track and I was running for half the day. When I woke up the next day, i had really bad abdominal pain and I still have
  7. Day 24 Face still has no active acne. This is wonderful! My lips are getting drier and hurts to open my mouth. Aquafor helps with it a little though. One more thing to note: my deadlifts have dropped significantly since my lower back has had minor pain. I cut down on the heavy back lifting so i dont injure myself.
  8. Day 22 and 23 I forgot to post yesterday. My face looks the same though, no difference since week 3. Jist one whitehead visible now. My nose stays dry now, the oil has been reduced dramatically. I love it. The whiteheads from my pores are oozing out of my nose and i feel so clean now. Accutane is a miracle! No other side effects except dry hands and lips but nothing moisturizer can't fix.
  9. Thanks for the motivational words! I hope your journey is successful as well
  10. Day 21 (End of Week 3) My face just keeps getting better. My cousins were commenting on how I don't have huge pimples covering my face anymore so that felt good! Just red marks everywhere now. Hopefully Accutane takes care of hyper pigmentation. Here are my week 3 pics.
  11. Day 20 Just two new whiteheads today. Nothing else. Dry lips as usual.
  12. I just left the whiteheads and they all disappeared. I only have like two now. Day 19 Barely any active whiteheads. Skin is flaking and grtting really dry now. Need to moisturize twice or thrice daily. One huge sude effect that bothers me is cracked skin on my palms snd fingers. I know its happening because I work out without wearing gloves. Its just so painful at times. Chapped lips as usual. Other than that things are going smoothly. Accutane is a miracle already!
  13. Day 18 So happy with today! Only have like three active pimples. The wings of my nose is where i get most of my acne but it is so dry there and no acne. The whiteheads there are oozing out of the pores all dry and crusty. It feels so good to see clean pores finally. Haven't been this clear in a while
  14. Day 17 same old today. Random new whiteheads and red face. My hands are getting super dry and skin is peeling from some fingers
  15. Day 16 The IB has died down quite a bit. Now I have five active white heads instead of 20. My skin is getting flaky around my nose and chin. My skin is also really really red now. I cant wait to up my dose after this month!