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  1. Would it be safe to switch from one type of BP to another, or would it be bad for your acne? I have Spectro Acne Care BP 2.5%, which is working great, but it's too goddamn expensive. It's close to $7 after tax for a 25ml bottle, which lasts about 1 1/2 weeks. By the looks of dan's BP, you get a hell of alot more than 25ml. So $21-$28 a month for BP, $20 for cleanser and $5 for moisturizer= wtf!!! Has anyone switched BP without a problem?
  2. woo yeah spectrojel is awesome! I've been using spectrojel cleanser, spectro acne care and olay moisturizer and it seems to be working. The only thing i hate is that it looks like it's gonna take me the 3 months to become clear
  3. I'd kill to have just dry skin only lol. Vitamin E moisturizer is great. And come to Canada, you'll see cold. It's about minus 25 right now
  4. I'm probably not the only one to notice this, but i think alot of the reason OTC acne medications don't work is because of the directions on the product. Dan's regime explains HOW to use your products.....like cleansing.applying BP while lightly touching your skin, dapping your face lightly after washing, letting your skin dry before/after applying BP. You see products with labels that say "wash face, apply medication to problem prone areas" and that's it. There's probably 80% of acne suffers
  5. Some people say that ice works on newly forming pimples. I tried it and it works a little, but too cold holding the ice that long. Now what about those silver things they use in boxing? If then can bring down the swelling from a fist in your eye, imagine what it could do for a pimple
  6. AeroZeppelin


    Week 1, mild improvement :)
  7. I'm having the exact same problem now!!!! It's driving me nuts. My eyes look burned. I use vitamin E as moisturizer everyday, and rubbing it under my eyes seems to make it worse.
  8. Go to your local drugstore and look for the "our" brand stuff that is made for THAT store. I bought a jar of Vitamin E rich skin creme for like $1.80(that's after tax) in a 120ml jar and it's great. Vitamin E creme goes on like zinc, very white but once it drys, it's clear and no streaks or yuckiness. I noticed that the cheap stuff is always the nest.
  9. Santa brought me a Durabrand electric shaver from Wal-Mart and it's awesome. Shaves just as close as a wet shave, without the irritation. I'd say an electric is way better.
  10. I find the temple/forehead area is the bst place to pop, and it heals faster. Unlike the cheeks and such, the temple and forehead have tight skin and it's super easy to pop a pimple. When you squeeze the chin or cheek, it seems like you're just making the bump redder and bigger.
  11. Has anyone ever tried HP 3% on their face? I rubbed it on both hands last night, then rubbed it on my face and it seemed to work. It took away the redness quite a bit, plus reduced the pimple size a little and took the pain away. Only problem i rubbed it under my eyes too and i ended up looking like i was punched in the eyes this morning with the redness lol (it's gone now though ) Does anyone else use it and i was wondering if it's safe to use everyday? Like all acne products, i've heard it's