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  1. Just started breaking out similar to yours but on my temple region. Never had acne whole life life now I'm 28. No products help me but what did was cleaning my whole living area(living room,bedroom,washroom!) with antibacterials disaffectant. Since then my face has gotten so much clearer with way fewer(if not at all) break outs! I'm still using a vichy face wash and moisturize twice a day. Good luck my friend and stay strong!
  2. For the last 5 months I've been breaking out with a similar type of acne but on my temple area. I never had acne growing up and now I'm 28. Tried everything from new cleanser, change my diet but seen no difference.. One day I decided to clean my entire place from top to bottom with antibacterials disinfectant. I can honestly say since that day my face started to clear up with no new acne breakouts. What I Iearned from this experience is that maybe the environment you're living in could possibly