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  1. yea make sure u only wash ur face w/ idk prolly just warm water or light cleanser on accutane and make sure its at least 10-12 hours apart!!!
  2. nope, this happened to me exactly and I had to completely go off of every topical medicine and find a way to exfoliate my skin to get rid of the dead flaking skin. Switching products, adding a product in, or lowering your use of a product WILL NOT HELP. Guarentee it.
  3. hey my forehead responds really well to nothing being on it, meaning I only Wash my forehead with warm water and no soap or cleanser. I have moderate forehead acne and it starting going away RIGHT away when i stopped putting anything on it. IDK if you want to try that, but it helped me and I remember doing it awhile back and got same results, so now i know that's best for me!
  4. it just PISSES ME OFF, i think my oily skin is making my face red/pink because it's irritating it somehow, I dont have too much acne, but it looks double w/ oily and red skin!
  5. also i don't really know how to exfoliate and im sure i havent done so FOREVER? should i exfoliate? i know i have SA pads in my cabinet and you said that's a way to exfoliate?
  6. Sorry if this is already answered on here, but since it's a giant thread I'm gonna re-ask this question unless it hasn't been asked yet. Any way to buy sudocrem in the U.S. w/out purchasing it online?
  7. will using basis sensitive skin bar or purpose bar for cleansing help at all? I am currently just using purpose pump cleanser and I just got done reading that both those bar soaps help a lot w/ my situation. IDK though... thx for all your feedback!
  8. Hey everyone, i have a HUGE issuse w/ oily skin. My face shines and I can't seem to find a cleanser that works for it! I just want to know a good cleanser/soap that will help me with my oily skin and any other things i should do...exfoliate or w/e. Plz if anyone has had success w/ a product and in a similar problem as I am, PLZ share your info!!
  9. hey man i'm in the same ballpark as you, my skin wouldn't look like shit if it wasn't pinkish/redish and i'm hoping that the dkr will clear my acne up therefore making it less pink. I did some research and I think some pinkness/redness is from too much oil being produced and its gathering up more bacteria which is irritating it more. I have lots of oil and DKR helps control it
  10. there's a section JUST on THIS in the DKR gel and cleanser section of the forum
  11. I just started my second week a couple days ago w/ neutrogena on the spot and the first week i took it easy only applying BP once at night, and now since i've been applying it twice a day, my face has been more red and a little irritated. Is it normal for this to happen or did i start too fast? Has anyone else had similar issues?