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  1. Ernesto IF EVER YOU READ THIS you're truly such an INSPIRATION to me. You manage to be a very successful entrepreneur / consultant despite of your scarring. I'm also an entrepreneur and running a small company. I think I'll follow your life progress forever through your Expanding Leadership Company and probably FB. (Not in a stalker / creepy way) but as a reminder that anyone could be very successful despite of some facial imperfections. I wish you all the best in life and your company!
  2. I think you should consider Surgical Excision then CO2. But make sure that your doctor knows this procedure and done it several times.
  3. I think TCA CROSS for Ice pick scars while for Boxcar Scars its Surgical Excision and Fractional CO2.
  4. Is it indented? or just Hypopigmentation? Get a flashlight and try some angular lighting, there you can see if the scars are indented or just pimple marks. If it's just pimple marks it will resolve by itself or you can try putting Retin-A. This will help diminish the hypopigmentation or the pimple marks, but if its indented you need to have some acne scar treatments like lasers, TCA or Subcision. As what others said, you need to wait at least 6 months post accutane to start treating this scars
  5. Kazalea, Do you think it will also work for my scars?
  6. Thank you very much I'll give it a try. BTW, did you do it yourself the Subcision and TCA or you have a doctor? Can you recommend someone who is excellent. My previous doctor was Dr. David Loh at Wheelock Place he didn't improve my scars.
  7. Hi, I was told by Dr. Lim that 3-4 Sessions of Infini could improve atrophic scarring and any residual scars left will be filled by HA Fillers. What do you think about that? Should I just go on a direct Filler Route without INFINI.
  8. Cookie girl, I would like to ask if how's your progress as of now. I have the same scarring as yours and I'm looking into excision also for my narrow deep scars. Thank you very much!
  9. As what Dan34 said, you're a great candidate for subcision-suction if you have similar scars as the pic you posted. Excision is a very risky procedure especially if you don't heal well. I urge you to don't pursue that route unless you're very confident with your dermatologist or plastics. Take a look at this post. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/237144-pics-of-my-excision-and-severe-scars-help-me/ . Good luck to your journey!
  10. Did you spot treat your boxcar scars with 100% TCA Cross? Because I have some deep boxcar scars in my Temple Areas, do you think I should give it a try?
  11. Dr. Lim always suggest fillers for atrophic scarring. Have you had fillers along with subcision?? Is it enough to lift some of your atrophic scars?
  12. Dude I'm sure you've heard of ernestoria, have you tried visiting his doctor? Dr. Khan in Hayley Street, London. He had an amazing and noticeable improvements. Why not try that option first.
  13. Hi Mr. Matt! I have some rolling atrophic scars on my cheeks, my doctor said I will benefit from subcision and fillers. My question is have you had FILLERS? and can subcision alone do the heavy lifting, because as I see in your case it does. Thanks very much!
  14. Hello I'm just curious if anybody here from any Asian countries have tried visiting Dr. Davin Lim in Brisbane. My concern is my acne scars. Can you describe your experience like where did you stay in Brisbane, did you stay there for several months to undergo the treatment or you go back to your home country after every treatment. Because he devised a 6-month treatment plan for me, and I'm very puzzled on to what will I do there for 6 months with treatments that only has 3-4 days downtime. BTW I
  15. I think you should consider INFINI, maybe 3-4 sessions this will improve the atrophic scars and the overall skin texture. What's left could be improved by subcision and dermal fillers. Dr. Davin Lim suggested this treatment for me, I think this treatment plan will work for you also because I have the same scars as you. He said that 70% improvement is possible. I'm sure you'll think its because of temporary fillers, but what he says is INFINI address atrophic scarring and the results are permanen