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  1. A couple of them are really deep and I've lost all hope in helping those but the others are not too deep and I'm still holding out hope that they will improve overtime. you must not lost all hope my friend , they can improve a lot , don´t hear stupid comments , i wish you luck .
  2. congratulations ! i am sure when you treat these couple deep scar , you are almost perfect ! how long between before after pictures ?
  3. thank you very much dudley, i am glad that you have improve your problem .
  4. dudley how severe was your scars ? and how are you now ? what % improvement because fraxel have you got ?
  5. scarface , if you think there isn´t hope , that does not mean there is not , people don´t listen bad comments , there is hope for all in this life , don´t give up
  6. azya i think the holes of boxcars and icepick don´t fix with laser , i think is better to elevate this scars and then to use laser if you want it
  7. your skin is clear guy , you shouldn´t worry , but i understand you want to fixed , in ice pick and boxcars , i think that laser don´t work , i would try tca cross or excision , somethink like that i have seen good results.
  8. i don´t understand what is your doctor saying , i have a lot of bumps too , my doctor says they are cysts from acne , i´m on isotretinoin , he says this should kill them, i hope he is right .
  9. i had punch excision 3 months ago , i have boxcars and icepick , i see ice pick a lot of improvrment i depth, but in the boxcars , i think not too much improvement , they are sunken , maybe a little bit less , also they are still very red scars . malia02 , i see you say , i think that is a vintage method but it seems effective , i wish to the best and report us your news , i am from spain .
  10. yeah , davin lim is the best , unfortunately he is on sydney , i ´m from spain , do you know any good doctor in europe , please is very difficult find someone .