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  1. good but not great

    i was recommended by my derm after having my hormonal zits that are huge. Have been using this gel for a week now. it stated as it can be very drying. It zaps the pimple very quickly and immediately reduces it the next day. Normally my pimple will takes about a week to heal but this zaps the pimple within 2-3 days only. I also used this on my whiteheads. However, it leaves dark spots (like sunburn spots) where the pimple and whiteheads used to be on my forehead that is very annoying. Wished tha
  2. sheheit



    Nice to see I'm not the only person to discover this. :) It does fine at removing makeup, doesn't break me out or dry me out, and the price can't be beat. It's at least as good as Purpose face wash.
  3. sheheit



    Best stuff!!! I love it. I do dilute it or else it can be drying, but that just means more product for the money! Lavender is my personal favorite, because it smells so lovely. Almond is my second favorite. I had a few back and chest blemishes from coming off bcp and this soap cleared them up wonderfully. This stuff just works for me and I have tried everything!