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  1. nuntayanan

    burn my skin

    burn my skin

    I was so disappointed in this mask. It burned my skin and didnt help acne problem.(it made some of them BIGGER and more noticeable. SO not what I needed it to do). Its really hard to wash off without scrubbing my face red, and my face was all red and irritated!
  2. nuntayanan

    try it

    try it

    This mask does wonders! You can literally feel the mask pulsating and tightening your skin! I use product 2-3times aweek. It keeps my face hydrated and fresh. Skin feels incredibly soft after use and looks detoxified.
  3. loveee

    If you have acne, or just want great looking skin, try this! I use it, and it makes my skin look great! It smells great and is all natural. loveee