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    Well music mostly, Im quite a music fanatic
  1. happy birthday! :-)

    1. CourtneyB

      Acne cured in a few weeks

      hmm, those are really good ideas, but since im only 14 and dont masterbate I shouldn't have a problem......hmm
    2. Very great idea! How did you come up with it?
    3. CourtneyB

      A Simple fast FREE regime!!

      I beleive, just by saying that, your probably responsible for at least 10 people drowning
    4. CourtneyB

      Skin of Colour and Benzoyl Peroxide

      BP (benzoyl peroxide) does not bleach the skin, and to prove it, here is the link to the simple word "No." from Dan Kern himself in the FAQ's... Click
    5. CourtneyB

      ~~Bella's Accutane Log~~~

      It always is terrible when your skin is great for a while then all of a sudden breaks out without warning or reason.