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  1. Ca'Netraa'

    Update: 3-month review

    So this is my 90 day review my skin was amazing actually the best I've seen it, EVER. I was still only using the cleanser, the treatment, and the moisturizer, however I felt like at this point I needed to exfoliate my skin. Not to mention I also used the PMD Microderm face kit once or twice a month as well.. so my face was feeling a little flaky like dead skin was building up and I needed extra moisturizer through the day. these are the review pictures for August and September (2&3 'months i
  2. Ca'Netraa'

    Excited.. Faith

    Thank you . Let's hope so I'm a day shy of a week and seeing great results. @monroeQt
  3. Ca'Netraa'

    Excited.. Faith

    I finally received my order and today starts my journey to a new skin regimen hopeful this get my skin better Here's pics of my face today to track my process and progress .
  4. Ca'Netraa'

    Delivery Time.

    I've been waiting on my products for a week now and due to the holiday it'll probably be and extra week which is very irritating I've waited almost 2 weeks. How long does delivery normally take for products to be delivered?