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  1. Oh god haha.. well leaving the solidyfied dried up puss roots isn't too good either.. That's when theres no other alternative than to just manually remove it. Try to find something that surfaces everything up, if things don't happen naturally. leaving dried roots in their leaves the pore big too.picking isn't so bad if u do it correctly. Big pore thing is just a myth, unless you completely ravage your skin pore when trying to get the shit out. But mostly it's from genetic stuff..that depends on
  2. i'm pretty sure many doctors thought up of stem cells. it is a problem legalizing it just for petty cosmetic purposes. there's too many ethical and cultural problems in western nations.

  3. ok then can someone please post a summary of which products are a definite 100% sure effective to fix skin cell damage? this topic is really long..
  4. umm water only won't help cuz it doesn't shed your dead skin efficiently, so in the end you'll still have pimples. people who have excesive dead skin issues is because it's a genetic thing, your skin doesn't function normally with a normal rate of shedding so it just sticks there with oil and clogs your pores. the only thing that will help is a physical exfoliant, something that loosens the dead skin or dissolves it. you can try chemicals but i prefer physical cuz chemicals are harsh and will st
  5. 1) How much has your acne affected your everyday life? 9. i was never anxious before. 2) How much has your acne afftected your personality? 10. i never had anger management/stress problems before 3)how far have you gone to prevent your acne? 7. not as good as it should have been. NOW THIS SECTION IS JUST YES OR NO!. 1) Has acne made you a better person? no. 2) would you like to keep your personality before you had acne, or stick to the one you have now? before 3) if you never had acne, wo
  6. if u have i just want to know ur experiences with it and if it caused any breakouts, oiliness, etc.? and what shades do u think would work best for asian /yellow skins? thanks
  7. Wow in US you get days off from school because of valentines day? That is so cool. I am going to do nothing lol because i have no girlfriend. O what do you mean you would be really mean if you received a gram? I probably wont get into a good US university because they look at more than just academic results but i will try anyway.

  8. for university i don't really know yet. i actually initially wanted to go to berkely because of their medical programs(i want to be a pharmacist) but i don't know yet. it's expensive if i don't get a scholarship. plus staying fees.

  9. but honestly if i did get one of those grams i think i would've been really mean, if it was a guy that sent it to me. O_O.

  10. r u going to do anything for v. day? i'm probaly just gonna stay home

  11. right now it's valentines weekend and i'm so happy because i have monday and tuesday off. yay! i know it's not much but still better than having to go to school those days. har. my school had a valentine gram thing where people could sent little baskets of candies to the people they like. i didn't get any. but i'm ok :P

  12. haha that's true, some ppl don't tell me their scores either and i suspect it's because they had a low score.

  13. WOW so your school chooses you subjects based on what you are good at? That is cool! HAHA yea i ask people what they get but some people dont want to tell me. Yea if you get like really high mark people will get jealous which is one of the reasons why they dont do it.

  14. umm...if she wants a moisturizer, bp won't help. it would probably worsen thos eye bags she has