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  1. If I put the jojoba oil, carefully and very thinly, around my eyes before i apply the BP, I don't get this. Also, be careful not to moisturize the eye area with the same moisturizer that is on your face, bc the BP can carry along with it. good luck!
  2. The same thing happened to me around a month in (and also my eye lids felt very dry even though I don't put the BP anywhere near them). I just kept putting lotion on my neck whenever I could throughout the day and now it's fine (but I still add lotion to my neck morning & night). I did use a little Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream on the very dry spots but it's kind of expensive; I'm sure there are more affordable options out there. Eyelids still feel a little dry but they're improving and f
  3. I would not be bothered at all by your scars. I really don't think she will even think about it. You should definitely go for it!
  4. november13

    Day 9

    Regimen: GloTherapeutics Daily Polishing Cleanser (Salicylic Acid) - 2xGloTherapeutics Anti-Blemish Treament (BP) - 2xDermalogica Active Moist (moisturizer) - 2xInnate Skin Clear Vitamin Pack Face is doing well and is, for the most part, clear. I have a tiny pimple on my forehead (which is covered by bangs, yay!) and nose. I have a pimple on my chin, and there's one from last week that still hasn't gone away but seems smaller. And that's it. I still have marks from before but they are gettin
  5. november13

    Day 7

    Day 7 of the following regimen:GloTherapeutics Daily Polishing Cleanser (Salicylic Acid) - 2xGloTherapeutics Anti-Blemish Treament (BP) - 2xDermalogica Active Moist (moisturizer) - 2xInnate Skin Clear Vitamin Pack (only 2nd day of this) My face is pretty clear. I have some red marks where I had pimples but they're getting lighter every day. I have one pimple from earlier this week (very side of face) that's just kinda hanging out. It's flat but there's stuff under the skin and there's a mark w
  6. november13

    Day 4

    Day 4 of the following regimen: GloTherapeutics Daily Polishing Cleanser (Salicylic Acid) - 2x GloTherapeutics Anti-Blemish Treament (BP) - 2x Dermalogica Active Moist (moisturizer) - 2x Innate Skin Clear Vitamin Pack (only 2nd day of this) In a moment of panic, I purchased the DKR set last night (and AHA). I used it years ago and it worked great and then it stopped working at some point. But I've always had good results with BP. And though I like my regimen, I feel like the wash & tre
  7. november13

    Day 3

    Day 3 of the same routine. Well, I guess a couple things have changed. I've stopped adding tea tree oil to my moisturizer. I bought some acne vitamins (acne.org reviews here). I took the first pack today. Oh, and I've unintentionally haven't had dairy in 2-3 days. My face is a little better today but there's a long way to go. Plus, anytime I think it's getting better, new pimples arrive so--not counting my chickens before they hatch or whatever. There are a lot of end-of-the-semester s
  8. november13

    Day 2

    It's tough for me to not switch products. I keep getting new pimples but I think my skin may be purging. Is that a thing that's happened for anyone else? I'm always skeptical about purging. What if I'm just making my skin angry? But I did have a lot of stuff under my skin, so I guess it has to come out... I don't know. I washed my face with GloTherapeutics Purifying Gel Cleanser and put GloTherapeutics Anti-Blemish Treatment on after. Then I put on Dermalogica Active Moist Moisturizer. Oh,
  9. november13


    I've always had a few pimples a month but usually nothing major and they'd go away quickly. In the past I've used the Regimen and Epiduo and The Body Shop's tea tree oil products (which I've since read contain pore-clogging ingredients so that may be the cause of some of this). These products would work for a long time and then eventually my acne would get worse, and I'd switch products a few times until I found something new that worked. Since ~January, however, my acne has gotten much wors