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  1. That makes sense, I suppose haha. Originally I was on the East Coast and well, there's not much around there. Now I'm in a city and can do that. My problem, though, is that I don't want a DR to suggest something dumb. I've actually been to a dermatologist that oiled me up and popped my cysts. It was fucked up and scarred me to hell.
  2. Basically as bad as scarring gets. You name it, i got it. I think its about time i did something about it. I had a nice man give me a number of Canadian doctors through PM months ago, but it must have been on another account.
  3. Heh, yeah. For whatever reason my computer can't shut off the flash so it's just a pale image of me without any details. Thanks a lot for the info. I've got a couple questions.. Have you had this done? Does it mess your face up bad for a while before it gets betteR? And how much does this cost? I'ma research it in a bit but right now I'm a little pressed for time with midterms and assignments all piling up. And again, it's nice to have someones personal experience I'd love all the feed
  4. I waited and waited for my face to get better but of course it didn't. In certain lighting I look pretty damn bad. I constantly view the lights everywhere I go to avoid standing under them, heh. Anyways, I'm sick of it, and I want at least SOME improvement. I know I'm probably going to be stuck with scars my whole life but even a 10 percent improvement would help me feel a lot better. It's hard to get a good picture but I'll try after maybe. I think I have rolling scars. My cheeks look l
  5. Under certain lighting it's unbearable to look at. They're deep and all over my forehead and upper cheeks.. I have really bad dialup so getting pics is a chore, but this one seems to look close enough. http://www.tamaramadden.com/Lighting/4_lights_side.jpg They're worse then that and all over. I think it's the same kind, though. There's parts of my skin that is differently colored then the rest and won't change color like the rest of my skin, too. I should mention I had taken accutane, an
  6. Anyone else notice anything? I'd like to see if this is normal :\
  7. Heh, thanks. I'm just gonna stop using them. It's not worth it for just a little less pain.
  8. I've been doing alright for a while after taking accutane for 5 months, just the odd cyst here and there (and a severely scarred face). Recently I started taking anti inflammatory pills for a fractured elbow, and it seems that my acne is getting worse. I got a couple spots on my chest where I haven't had anything in 4 months, and my upper cheak area, which used to be alright. Is that normal? Or am I just looking to hard for an answer.
  9. You defiantly won't be able to tell the difference in a day. Good luck, though. $300 is quite a chunk of money. I might just wait till it gets to Canada.
  10. You wear makeup, no? It's the same idea as makeup/clothes/jewelry. If people think it makes them look better they're going to do it. Just because it does something practical (helping your eyesight) doesn't mean it has to be used just for that purpose.
  11. Okay, thanks everyone. I'll look into your progress itwillhappen Good luck, I hope it goes well.
  12. They're the difficult ones. Icepick/rolling scars I believe. Both maybe. Edit: The scar forums say rolling and boxcar
  13. Eep. That's some expensive stuff. I'm feeling better today about them.. still looks horrible though. In 6 months I'll just have to research a couple different methods. Thankkss everyone.
  14. 5 months later, I barely get any acne at all (on my face, I still get body acne). Just the occasional small ones that don't even leave a red mark. Buuttttt now I'm left with a face full of scars. It's disgusting. I think I regret taking it..