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  1. I was wondering if it was alright to take apple cider vinegar and accutane at the same time. I have heard nothing but good stories about acv and i want to include it into my daily routine. I was just wondering if it will interfere with the tane?
  2. take it with a omega 3 pill it will absorb the tane just like a nice fatty piece of steak.......omega helps absorb nutrients into your body and will also absorb the tane
  3. how may 1000mg fish oil tabs should i take a day and also should i take them directly when i take the accutane?????
  4. alrite now do you take them all at one time or spread them out
  5. alrite thanx for your help annabelle but i also heard something about zinc to and is it alrite to take all those vitamins and accutane all at one time
  6. can someone tell what the benifits of taking omega 3 (fish oil) or vitamins E or B while on accutane do? Also is there any other vitamins that help do something for acne while on accutane? Thanks!
  7. DAY 2 Nothing new just took my pill with a tv dinner and some oreo's still hungry tho.........lips are kinda dry but not bad at all.........anyone know what kinda cleanser to recomend me?
  8. ya northeast america kinda cold here right now not good for skin
  9. Can someone tell me what is the purpose of Omega 3 is and what other vitamins do ppl take while on tane thanks!
  10. Thanks for the tip and im living in good ole pittsbrugh pa right now kinda boring but its alrite......i guess
  11. And so it begins the road to clear skin (hopefully). I've read a lot of ppl's post and all of it for the most part is inspiration. Im 18 years old with mild/severe acne. Starting and staying on the 60 mg for 5 months. I was just looking for advice on any cleansers or vitamins anyone would suggest. Also how does accutane affect someones make-up since all the dry skin occurs. Thanks and wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!