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  1. Ashmarie

    My scars

    I haven't posted pics on here since 2007. I recently started using the site again and thought I would post new pics. In the last month and a half I have had two microdermabrasions and two chemical peels. I have four more of each to go. My skin was clear, until recently. I have gotten a few breakouts in the last few weeks probably because of the peels. I am still happy with the fact that most of my acne is cleared up, I just want to get rid of the scars/hyperpigmentation.
  2. Before I moved to another state I had only a few breakouts, mostly my skin was clear. A few months after moving I started getting cystic acne, and I still get it bad through the winter months. I moved from a humid climate to a dryer climate though. I guess I'm my own worst critic too, piling on the makeup until it actually looks worse than what I am trying to cover up.
  3. Clear flawless skin of course. I like everything else about my appearance, not to say I'm anywhere near perfect. I would also make myself more outgoing. I am freakishly shy, mostly due to my acne though.
  4. That definately puts things into perspective. I still think my acne is bad (not all the time, it comes and goes) but it could definately be a lot worse.
  5. I love everything about my face except the acne/scars of course. I've been told my eyes are my best feature, but I also like my nose, cheek bones, lips, hair, etc. I feel that overall I am fairly attractive, except for my skin.
  6. Ashmarie

    Ashley's pics

    This is me....
  7. I'm kind of split on the subject. If I'm having a really bad skin day and I feel I look like shit, then I hate compliments and they make me feel more insecure. I know that doesn't really make much sense because they are supposed to do the exact opposite. On days where I feel good about myself then I love getting compliments. I think it all comes down to my mood actually. Before I started getting acne I was always shy and didn't really know what to say when someone complimented me. When I f
  8. Your skin doesn't look bad at all. I think you look great.
  9. I've read in several posts that most topics here are negative. I just thought I'd share a positive post. To start... I am 24, and have always had pimple here or there - nothing major until I turned 20. Then I started getting cysts and my skin became very scarred and red. Nothing seemed to work long so I rotated my products trying to keep my cysts under control. I have noticed a lot of improvement lately. Usually I break out bad this time of year due to weather change. But today, my skin
  10. I agree with everything she said. There will be a great girl that will see you and not just your skin issues. Besides, you wouldn't want to be with someone so shallow that they only see acne and go the other way would you? Even if I had flawless skin I wouldn't be or be with someone that shallow. When I was a teenager I had clear unscarred skin, and I dated a guy that had severe acne scarring. It didn't bother me at all, we did end up breaking up (grew apart after 3.5 year relationship..) b
  11. Where can you get Tazorac? Do you have to get it from a dermatologist? Also, what is a dermaroller (I know that sounds dumb)..I've seen it on this site a few times.
  12. I am 24 and have had acne since about 20
  13. Yeah, if I were you I wouldn't mention it to her. If you have never talked about it with her before then there are probably two good reasons..either it is a delicate subject and she doesn't want to discuss it or she isn't self-conscious about it and it doesn't bother her. Either way I wouldn't bring it up.