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  1. I would like to share with you how I got clear. I have been having problems with acne for a very long time now.white heads, black heads, red marksfor over 8 years. I have done everything you can possibly think of, from peels, mask $200 medication, home remedies, whatever it was I did it and it just made my face worst. The thing that has really helped me out is just using water and desert essence organic jojoba oil. I know a few who has done and it and has worked. It took me a while to get used t
  2. reg254

    Quick question?

    What is the purpose of shaving the face hair?
  3. what is the point of shaving your face? what good does it do to you?
  4. For 6 years ive been putting all these things on my face and nothing ever seems to work.so i was thinking to myself why should i keep on putting these creams if it dont work so what i do now is do nothing at all and it seems to work. i dont really look at my face that much and i dont think about it much. im not saying its going to work for others but that is just how i feel. i use to have a lot of acne on my back and chest and now i dont break out because i dont do nothing to them or even think
  5. what is a good sunblock moisturizer to buy.is there any threads where i can read on some sunblock with moisturizer?
  6. is it neccessary to use sunblock lotion even in the winter or if there is no sun? that is what people are telling me. Why is it that we have to put it year long. I also have some brown marks or red marks can anyone answer me. Thanks in advance
  7. okay i dont have that much acne but i do have a bunch of redmarks. my problem is that my skin is like 2 colored tone. my chin and forehead and neck are my original color (brown) but my cheeks are different patches of color with redmarks. How do i get my skin tone back to normal? thanks
  8. How do you prevent from getting a redmark from a whitehead that has formed already and not been popped?
  9. anyone else have a clue...but thanz for replying
  10. Heres a pix of my face. You can see the redness and the difference of my skintone of my face and my neck(the color of my real skin tone). Can anyone help me with the redness of my skin and how to get rid of the pale/reddish skin tone and help me get back to my real skin tone. P.S I use 3% Erythromycin and 5% Bp and it works fine I just dont like the redness and the discoloration of my skin tone. Any products i shoukd use to help with it http://i159.photobucket.com/albums/t142/jr4089/acne.