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  1. This should be posted in the "I know nothing and shouldn't post crap" forum?
  2. I seriously doubt it, the only reason people who weigh more have a higher dose os so theres enough drug to go around. Tane only works whilst your on it, and then gets out of your system all-together, so probably not.
  3. Very skinny I'm about 5'10 I think, not 100% sure but thats an accurate estimate. I'd weigh more if I could go to the gym, just need to wait til acne is gone, then I won't be embaressed
  4. Day 79 Pretty much unchanged, didn't really have any new actives today so that's a bonus, just gotta wait for the ones I do have to die, taking ages. Just worked out that I weigh about 53 kg, so 60mg is more than enough I reckon. Very much doubt I'd be wanting anything higher than that.
  5. Well, I'm meant to finish in mid January, but if I feel I need more time I might stay on for 8 months. That's only gonna be in a worst case scenario though, really just want to be clear and done with tane haha!
  6. Hey I was reading through your posts and I had a few questions. Did you ever put the shampoo on your face? And when you say put a thin layer on, do you dilute it first with water? The reason why I'm asking is because i was diagnosed with Pf and i tried your method and till now it seems like it is working great but i don't want to get happy too soon. Although i am peeling like crazy and it burned a lot. But after the skin has almost all peeled, my skin hasn't been this clear in ages. Anyways i'm
  7. Day 78 Update Felt pretty shitty today, really dry throught, really thirsty, light headache, generally felt very shit, similar to when I first started tane. Might be from upping the dosage yesterday. Up until yesterday (Day 77) my total cumulative dosage was 3080mg. Makes it easier to work out my total dose nearer to the end of my course if I note it down here.
  8. I suppose it's like anything else, might work for some, won't work for others. Anyone familiar with RC on these boards will know he's a devout Catholic, and never masturbates, but had some pretty bad cystic acne, that he cleared with accutane by the way.
  9. Day 78 Skin still looking a bit shit. Not looking as bad as it normally does on a morning. I moisturized last night because it was really dry. I normally wake up really red and flushed regardless of whether or not I've moisutized, but this morning my face is normal skin colour. Acne still there, but it's steadily going. Throught feels really dry, like it did when I first started tane. I think it's from the increased dosage, I'll get used to it soon.
  10. That made me smile Thanks On 60mg/day now, so I'm pretty confident
  11. Thanks, this is one of the few logs i regularly check by the way, so make sure to keep updating!
  12. I'm around half way through month 3 and still breaking out, although this current breakout is likely self inflicted by my extreme drinking session on Saturday Keep your chin up, it's all we can do. Just started 60mg/day too, excited >.< Good luck!
  13. Day 77 Skin looking a bit better today, but by no means looking good. I'm on 60mg/day from now on, at least until I clear, possibly until the full 6 months is up.
  14. Wow, just read through a lot of my old posts in here, can't beleive how far I've come. Ran out of head and shoulders for the moment, and I'm very tempted to just leave it for now and see how it goes - after all, if it comes back, nothing stopping me from going down to the supermarket and getting some more. I really have no problem having to use it for the rest of my life as long as it works so damn good
  15. Ha I took that picture at the height of my clearness, no acne what so ever then, the good old days I've got plenty of patience, after seeing that pic of your perfect skin I don't mind waiting for that!
  16. Yea, I heard 50-60%, I always drink with a full glass of milk, just to be sure.
  17. I bleached my fringe, and dyed it blue at the weekend, and it's been fine so far, just DON'T let peroxide anywhere near your face on tane, think it stings normally, it's torture if your skin is so sensitive.
  18. You dont post back because you are a coward and you know what i am saying is right. People we must not give this man credit for basically lying to us. If the guy had severe acne before their would be scars and redmarks to prove it can someone point out where the hell he has a damn scar or mark cause i dont see neither one. You're a fucking idiot. Crazian has been around here for a LONG time, you've been here a day. I know he had a hard time with acne, just like me, just like all of us, bec
  19. I know exacltly how you feel, I'm on day 76 and this is how it's been for me so far.
  20. Go for tane, anti-biotics are a treatment, tane is the solution. Mino gave me folliculitis, which is REALLY annoying compared to acne, trust me, so much worse. That's just my experience, but from now on, I'll never touch another anti-biotics if I don't have to. By the way, the side effects from tane aren't nearly as bad as all the scare mongers make out. Check my log, in my sig, to see what I think of it, 76 days in so far.
  21. I sometimes feel depressed, but then I put things in perspective and think about all the people who have life so much than me. Watched something on Sky last night about kids in Kenya who are addicted to glue, and get raped and beaten by the police. Made me realize there are people who really have it so much worse. Just remember, you won't be on tane forever, you'll be cured soon enough.
  22. I can totally sympathise with the crazy skin, it seems to just be totally random if it'll look good or bad one day for me. I don't really know about the tane and depression, I was pretty much at an all time low when I started, so I can only look up. It's not as easy as it sounds, but I'd just advise him to think of what his life will be like at the end of tane, that's what I'm doing all the time, and it really keeps my spirits up when I just wanna give up. Unfortunately the weather has become
  23. Yea, don't think I'll be drinking again on tane, it's really made me ill. How's your son doing with the tane by the way? Day 75 Well, I think I've made myself ill by that stupid binge I went on. Felt really awful all day yesterday, really bad stomach pains aswell. Feeling a bit better now. When I got home from work at around half 5 yesterday, I went straight to bed, slept til 10, had a bath, then slept til 7 this morning, so I feel a bit better for that, gonna try do that again today, s