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  1. Hey guys. Wow, we're almost all off Accutane now. Cat, how much longer do you think your derm will keep you on?? I'm reading about Michael getting sun and I am so jealous. Up until this week (HOT!) the days have been so gorgeous I would have loved to lay out! My skin definitely looks better w/a little color. Don't need to encourage the melasma though. I'll stick with my bottled tan. I can't remember how long it took me to feel normal again after going off 'Tane. It was very gradual. A couple of
  2. Yay! I'm so glad they decided not to discontinue the Pure Cover! (I obviously have not been on their site in awhile!) I actually might have some 2N laying around. Over the years I've collected quite a few jars of shades that didn't work or mixtures that I made and neglected to label so I keep them JUST IN CASE. I'll check for you ;) So I decided to try the L'Oreal 2 Step Volumizing. Horrible! Apparently volumizing means clumping a bunch of your lashes together to look like a few big fat lashes
  3. Howdy! I've been thinking about you all! Work's been so crazy for so long now that I have not had time to check in! Georgia, I loved your comment about the red headed step child. I can so understand how you feel about having to see another doctor. I think that is a very strange practice. If this guy is your doctor, why would they give you an appointment with someone else? I only ever see a different doc. if mine's on vacation or something like that. I agree with Michael, you should definitely
  4. Hey guys, I guess the holidays just swept me away! Didn't leave me much time to post. Also not much new to report skin-wise. My Christmas was very enjoyable, even though b/f and I weren't getting along that weekend . I really just enjoyed spending the time with my family and friends. Since I couldn't think of much that I wanted, I got a lot of books (which is a good thing). Got a gift certificate to a nice spa for an 80 minute facial. That's something I wondered about - how long do I have to w
  5. Hey all. I've been crazy busy caught up in the holiday madness. And I even have 3 days off from work this week and am still constantly busy! Can't imagine how I'd do it if I were working 9 hours as well! The eye irritation seems to be better (since out of work, oddly enough). I inspected it more closely last week and I thought I did see a tiny little bump just on the inside of my lower lid. Hmm. The right eye is fine though (guess I should be glad of that). My lips are not AS dry (and I've b
  6. Just a quick line about eyes. I've been off Accutane for almost a whole week now. My left eye really started bothering me maybe a week or two before I finished treatment. It is still bothering me.. it' just constantly dry in the outside corner. I can put drops in but it doesn't help. My right eye is absolutely fine. It almost feels like maybe it's not just dryness... maybe it's something else.. it's so annoying! And painful I'm going to give it another few days and see how it goes.... I'll
  7. Oooo, thanks for the tip. I have had a hard time thinking of what to ask Santa for. Buuuuut... I believe I'm getting some seriously high thread count sheets (mom), a new jewelry box (brother), and a bunch of books (dad)... oh, wait... I mean... Santa. :shifty: I have seen that cartoon! I think my coworker has it hanging up. I don't own a scale. However, every Sunday when we go to Publix, my boyfriend and I weigh ourselves just for the hell of it (he makes me do it some weeks when I R
  8. I'm HERE! :D I was going to post last night, but I was too tired after decorating and having a glass of wine (wine always makes me tired). I don't think your bumps are boils. I've had boils before and they do NOT clear up in a day or two, and they hurt like CRAZY! Sounds like some weird skin side effect of Accutane. I have been having some weird stuff too, from the 5 or 6 days that I was taking 160mg. My upper arms got all itchy and kind of scaly, and I have a patch of raised little red bu
  9. You think that's a big deal?! We hardly ever have our tree decorated until the week before Christmas! That we actually HAVE a tree (as of last night) on December 1st is amazing!!! I don't consider you to be behind the game. Not everyone can have their tree up and decorated the day after Thanksgiving! :rolleyes: So relax! :D Cat, where do you get those hair products? I get the feeling it will end up being an online item for me. And by the time I get them, my hair will be starting to get oily
  10. Hey all. Glad to see Georgia showed up! (Not that I'm any less random.) It looks like Adrienne has deserted us. I miss her quick wit and sarcasm. Georgia, my hair is crap too. SO dry. I actually bought a new blow dryer and some Frizz Ease serum because my hair looked so crappy and frizzy after blow drying it. I don't know what else to do for it. I only wash my hair every couple of days and I use a deep conditioner every time (Pantene Deep Fortifying). Maybe I should break out the olive oil ag
  11. You could not drag me out to the malls on Black Friday! Y'all know I'm not big on shopping in the first place, and I'm not big on crowds of people either. So that would pretty much be hell for me. Have you heard that the Monday after Thanksgiving is when people do the most shopping online? Apparently they are calling it Cyber Monday. Funny, because I was actually going to start doing my internet shopping this evening. :D Mmmm... caramelized onions. Brilliant idea! So I meant to star
  12. Holy cow, no posts in two days?! We ARE losing steam! Georgia, I definitely have been feeling forgetful at times, and also just plain dumb at times. Sort of just "not all there". It's icky, I can't wait for THAT to be over. A REALLY annoying side effect I've been having recently is super flushed face. My skin has always been sensitive to flushing, from heat, emotion, alcohol, what have you. But lately I just get red face for no reason at all. My ears turn beet red, I get splotchy, my skin f
  13. was it triluma? because tht has retinol in it too..... did you use hq alone? is tht the general consensus on the melasma board as well? I used 4% HQ alone after my first round of Accutane. I think you may be right about the retinol being the irritating factor, because TriLuma was definitely a lot more irritating to my skin. And I was even using a low percentage Retin A all over while I was using the straight hydroquinone, and that was no where near as irritating as TriLuma. I still think I
  14. Hydroquinone turned my skin very red. It also made it very irritated, so it was red and flaky on my upper lip. Not very attractive, and much more noticeable than the melasma. The description of the red circle looking like someone hit you with a golfball is a completely accurate one!! No HQ for me.. Sounds exactly my dentist experiences while on Accutane. The dentist's tools rubbed on one side of my face, and it was completely raw and flaky afterwards. Hence while I'll never schedule a den
  15. I used to get those all the time after I finished my first course. I'll be expecting them to start again in about a month's time.... :rolleyes: