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  1. does eucerin work like on fixing the pimples that are dry to? cuz thats the worst part
  2. where can i get that? do i put that on once a day? and should i use aveeno untill i get that?
  3. except now my face is all dry what should i use on it? i just got Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer.
  4. 11 days about got the breakout on day 3 or 4
  5. All the whiteheads that formed on my lip are now all dry and stuff and dont hurt nearly as much anymore though my forehead and back are still worse than ever. What do you guys think? is it going downhill?
  6. and do you have like a timeline of when u used what at what part of the day lazy? i really wunna get rid of this crap i wunna burn off my face it hurts so bad lol
  7. whats BP, and if this goes on like this for 5 months i might like i dunno this is horrible it hurts to lay down.
  8. how long did yours last? mine started on day....3 or 4 about and now its 7. Its so bad now everybody stares at them. Like in school i walk by people and everybody just looks at me, i'm like a freak show lol and my dance is in 8 days ( i might skip it if this doesnt go away
  9. how long will this horrible thing go on like this? my face hurts so bad its insane. a week? 2? ill go crazy lol
  10. Ok I never had whiteheads or anything before i started accutane, just tons of red ones all over. I know that when you start accutane, your acne gets worse but this is horrible. I now have HUGE whiteheads all over my upper lip and my nose. My forehead, which has never really broken out, is now COVERED with tons of red pimples. My back is now completely full of them as well. And my face hurts like CRAZY. I mean, i can't even touch my nose its so sore with pimples. How long does this freaking last