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  1. OK hear me out. I havent been on this site much in the last couple years because I got my acne under control but always remembered and appreciated those that came back to share successful finds. So here I am! Ok so I dont remember how or why I tried my dad's anti-dandruff shampoo on my face a few years ago but I remembered it worked. I bought some for myself and it soon stopped working and I quit altogether. I have since moved back home and reused my dad's shampoo since i was curiou
  2. I HATE shaving because if i have a breakout its a double wammy of pain and spreading of acne bacteria. If I do have a breakout I wait as long as I can until it heals before I shave. If not, I'll shave every couple days. Anywho this is what I do... 1 Thoroughly moisten face with warm water (preferably by taking a hot shower) This will soften the hair and make shaving easier and less painful. 2 Lather my face with Dodo Ossum soap, which lathers really well. This soap cleanses
  3. Don't you think your outcome had to do with the needling and not the serrapeptase? I mean the science behind serrapeptase would in no way lead to your scras getting worse...unlike needling.
  4. Some more detail would be appreciated. How did you inflict the cut into the scarred area? What depth? Was there pain? How long did it take to heal????
  5. I got a full refund, but it did require several emails (ignored) and two phone calls (one of which was a long discussion of all aspects of light therapy!). The delay in refunding the money (several weeks) was explained by having moved their depot. I did get the feeling that if I hadn't persevered it would have just been ignored. Who knows! But the phone is definitely the most effective route.
  6. I have to be honest and tell you that you truly are obscene. THAT IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Why bother doing anything at all??????????? I pity people like myself that have to deal with that one tiny shallow scar you have times, literally 500 ( i have hundreds like that and bigger + deeper ones) not people like you. You are lucky that you didnt severely scar internally and physically like me and are afraid to go to places in the daylight and hide from harsh lighting. Count your blessings.
  7. Yes, Tazorac is definitely working. One of my small ice pick scars (looks like a sharp depression/huge sharp pore) is now raised almost completely.
  8. Where on the website does it say anything about subcision? it doesnt seem like he offers it? But i, like bulletproofaces will need to go to cali from Oregon.....
  9. are you sure it isnt just irritation and inflmation caused by the tazorac and not actual improvement? I've gotten my skin irritated before and the irritation swells my skin making my scars fill in but it everntually fades when you get back to your normal state...
  10. WOW I canot believe i'm not the only one I have been doing that for years now and have been tilting my face for less scar emphasis aswell. Sometimes I flat-out refuse to go to places simply for the lighting. ANd that includes place that are sunny.It's quite a sad existence actually...
  11. WAit so does it help indented scars???????????
  12. Thanks so much! I certainly will. HAve you gotten it done in Seattle by her? IF so would you recommend her? I wouldnt mind making a trip up there...
  13. What type of products are these? Do they naturally lighten red marks while cleansing???
  14. I used my dad's Target brand dandruff shampoo for a couple days (its a Neutrogena T Gel knockoff) and it's working well...Do you guys think it'll work the same?
  15. I had subcision 10 mins before the dermaroller so anaesthetic was used for the subcision and Dr Chu said that I wouldn't need the numbing cream as the anaesthetic would work for the dermaroller treatment too. However only parts of my cheeks were injected with the anesthetic and I found the dermaroller treatment to be uncomfortable.
  16. Are there any collagen induction procedures, like Roll CIT or subcision that are up and coming in the plastic surgery business in the USA or perhaps more prevelance of the aforementioned ones?
  17. I agree. Romeo you started the green tea extract deal for me and it's been a lifesaver!