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  1. www.acnesupplies.com $8.50
  2. Ive been on the regimen for about 3 months,im pretty clear,but the problem is that i have these ugly brown spots that dont fade,ive had them for about 6 months .its said that they would fade on the regimen,well thats what dan said(what to expect)is there a pigment gel i can buy at wal-mart,walgreens,albertsons etc etc........... to fade these spots.
  3. This advice given from a general practitioner. In order to shrink cystic acne overnight, dab on some prescription strength corticosteroid (some use betamethasone valerate 0.1% on the middle portion of thelesion then cover with an occlusive material (like a band aid circular sterile spots). Leave it on overnight, and you will wake up to a smaller pimple. According to this doctor, it works almost better than the corticosteroid injection. is this true or what,if so,were can i get it
  4. I was wondering whats the differnce of a cyst or nodule i get these little red bumps that look like pimples,they kinda hurt have no head,and after they leave they leave these ugly brown spots,can anyone help me and tell me if its a cyst or something else thanx
  5. u can scrape the hicky off a bit by a spoon twisting on it, itll speed up the process
  6. how many sgwiggly lines is best for the entire face 2,3 or more.
  7. Blend in the benzoyl completely, then put on the moisturizer on,if u wash it off it takes the whole purpose away.
  8. I was wondering how many hours is the benzoyl peroxide effective for when its put on.
  9. Pretty sad aint it,thats y u should thank god our acne aint that bad.
  10. Know that im on week 4, should i starts using the eucerin renewal moisturizer or is there a better one out there. thanx
  11. Hi im new to the regimen ive been on it for 3 weeks, going on week 4.I have not been using a moisturizer for the past weeks,is this a bad step or a good one,my face has improved good,but extremely flake ,which i dont mind cause im on vacation for 3 months.If i start using a moisturizer will my face improve?