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  1. Coming to this website any more than once a week is bad for your mental Health. I would know I used to come here under the name Uglyassmofo. ( Ofomssaylgu) I always knew coming here was really weird but i did it anyways. I finally learned to accept the things about myself that I cannot change. And now im much better off. Stop coming here or else not only will you have acne on your face but you'll have it on your mind too.
  2. Drinking heavily is always a good way to handle your problems
  3. Youd better learn to get used to it. Ive been living a lonley and unfulfilling life for about five years now. The only time i leave is to go work my night shift job.
  4. I don't resent my parents. If you looked at my parents you'd think they'd be two people who would have good looking kids. But for whatever reason they didnt. Im definately their kid, but I did seem to catch some ugly genes. Perhaps recessive genes. ANd i Agree with you, I think some people really shouldnt have children based on their own ugliness. I consider myself one of them. I think My gene pool should end with me. And I think that theirs others out their who should exercise some ge
  5. Well I was just walking around, going to my classes, I realized that there are just so many beautiful girls there with perfect skin. There are so many guys there too with better skin than me even. I wanted to go drown myself in the freezing cold lake right by my campus it's all I could think about. And my rosacea was going fucking crazy. The only things that were worth it was this 50 year old lady in my english class who gives me high fives, and some random guy who stepped to the side in
  6. maybe because the better looking guy is naturally going to be more interested in better looking girls.
  7. a member here by the name of uglyassmofo had a post called "I hate little kids" of something of that nature for that very reason. perhaps you should look at it. I would have punched that little F*ck right in the head.
  8. The title of your post gave me a good laugh. If you wanna have acne friends you could try working the night shift somewhere. I work nights and most, yes most, of of us have bad skin. P.s. T-virus you are at a very impressionable age. You need to stop spending so much time at this website. If you keep spending so much time here your going to become really weird and creepy. Im not saying this to be mean i just think at age thirteen or fourteen you should be out playing with your friends.
  9. Its like you read my mind and write it down. "What people tell you and what actually is true are two very different things." That is exacty 100% correct.
  10. I know exactly what you mean. In the few times iv'e been in this position though no ones ever said anything or even looked up. I wouldnt worry about it.
  11. I agree with everything you(autonomousone1980) said above. Great minds think alike.
  12. A thirteen year old should not be spending his time couped up in the house on this website. You should be out with your friends riding bikes, flying kites, playing football in your backyards, smoking ciggarrettes if you one of the cool kids, and I know how you lttle kids love your video games, oh yes a little homework and after school sports are very important for kids your age. Spending time here at such an impressionable age is going to turn you into a weirdo who has no friends.