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  1. The sun will do you're skin the world of good and should help fade any marks, instead of using a sun cream I use a light moisturiser with a high spf in it! Hope you enjoy your holiday x
  2. Hey, so I often get cystic spots the first thing I do is take ibuprofen to help with the pain but also reduce the inflammation, then I put on a thin layer of benzoyl peroxide, then a few dabs of Mario Badescu buffering lotion and 1% hydrocortisone cream on top! This is what works for me, I hope it helps xx
  3. I had this exact same problem but with one on my forehead, I used hydrocortisone 1% cream on it and that's the only thing that seemed drastically reduce its size, though I'm not sure it would be good to use hydrocortisone cream around your eye! I guess it depends how close the spot is to your actual eye?
  4. Okay so for anyone who's interested, I started using hydrocortisone cream 1% on my spot a few days ago and finally now after nearly 3 weeks it's nearly gone! Yay! I know it says not to use hydrocortisone on your face as it causing thinning of the skin, but using it on a small area for a short amount of time is fine! So I hope this helps anyone suffering with the same cystic type acne as me x
  5. I tend to use a creamy concealer on mine and that works well, but I do find if I'm more tanned the marks are less obvious.
  6. Aw thank you so much, that's really kind of you! I decided to invest in the mario badescu buffering lotion, which has worked suprisingly well, I was a bit dubious when I first bought it as I read it only tends to work if you catch them early before they develop, but it's definitely decreased the size of it some what. Unfortunately it's very much still there, I'm just so worried it's not going to go away on its own. Does anyone know how much cortisone shots cost? X
  7. I've never had perfect skin, I get the occasional bout of cystic acne along with relatively normal white heads and black heads. But last week a cystic spot came up on my fore head, I've leant with my cystic acne the best solution is just to leave it alone, no touching or prodding and just carry on with my usual skin routine and within a couple of days the redness and swelling will have drastically decreased and my make up will pretty much cover up all trace of it. But this one on my fore head is