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  1. I don't like the CerVe stuff. I had a huge bottle of it and just.. bleh... I also don't like SPF in the lotion, makes it so white and takes so long just to make it go on skin then it feels nasty on face. What I use now is Revival Skin Conditioning Milk. http://www.askcosmet...com/re-milk.htm The reason I love it is because it doesn't have silicon or waxes which generally cause pores to be clogged for me. Also use the hand and nail wash just for my face too. http://www.askc
  2. Follow up. I haven't used that thing I talked about in the beginning of the post but my body isn't that bad as it used to be. The thing that helps is finding things that doesn't cause irritations. I couldn't really find the Olay Body with the Ginseng anymore, not that I tried either. I just use "natural" stuff from the natural(expensive) aisle and avoid things that are known to cause some sort of irritation from the other aisles.. Right now, I use the "Yes 2 Cucumber" bodywash with no pr
  3. a single reply. wow thank you crystal willow I will use azelaic acid cream on jawline to see how it goes and eventually increase little by little around the areas But if I didn't see your video, I would have probably delayed my purchase to the acid. Thanks again! Now, I didn't have as much as you did because I think what I was doing helped a lot throughout my 9 years of fighting this thing. But it isn't clear as you are so I hope this helps a lot for my problem areas.
  4. I know this diet that guy did doesn't work for everyone.... I did the anti-candida diet for 2 years. Did the detox, the fast, the colen cleans, the everything anti-candida. I was already way too skinny and avoiding carbs wasn't a good idea. Your body use carbs as the 1st source of energy. Carbless diets will make you more tiring. Some people say it doesn't, but yeah sure. I tried to believe that. Get back on the carbs and you'll notice a difference. Anyways, this didn't help me for anything
  5. I didn't really notice MSM giving me any breakouts, I already had breakouts before trying it. It just tasted nasty to me. I did found that I still have some left. I had 16 oz of this stuff. And I have used about 2/5th of that. And I never noticed anything. I thought that it would help with my dry skin, to give it some elastic stuff. It's suppose to help your tissues and stuff. I don't know, reading this here, I might not bother with it. Besides, I eat eggs everyday. Maybe I have no use for
  6. I use to use salt. But that takes too long, even tissue. Now, I just use a lancet thing or whatever that diabetics use and I just pierce a hole into the white pus(white head) I see and then I let it come out or I just slightly squeeze it out by applying little pressure around it and it flows out. 2 q-tips might be better doing that, but I just use my fingers since I'd be showering anyways. Then I shower and come out of shower without noticing anything. Like that clear redish fluid coming, I a
  7. for the teeth sake, I'd just get a slice of lemon and swallow it. Maybe I'll do that... It'll just be a big pill to me.
  8. I remember buying EMU oil. I thought I still had in my cabinet. I just read your other thread and I was like. hmm, I can dab it on. And I went to check and I forgot I tossed it out. Still had 75% bottle left. I thought it broke me out, but apparently, everything does anyways. Face seemed extremely oily too. But I don't think I got the one that smells like 5 wet dogs. hehe, so I cant say too much about that one. Even though it wasn't all clear and still had to be shaken. But I know that it m
  9. I wish I know. In my bathroom, it doesn't look bad! I open the window, look in mirror, and I see... let me look again.. Red marks. Whew because long time ago, it was purplish red. And I didn't even look human. I might go to a derma for the first time in my life. Wonder how much it'll cost me without insurance or anything like that. I remember some chick was talking about this whitening cleanser she was using. Or whitening lotion. Hmm, I think it was cleanser from Amazon. And she was like, it
  10. hmm, I guess I should buy some GLA 6 oil stuff and take that. I was bout to buy some carrots but I have scaly peely flaky skin and lips forever now. I remember taking Cod oil and vita A and B and actually, I use to take like 17+ pills at once (supplements) I just take Calcium with Vita D. Every once in awhile take some B complex and naicin. But I just don't understand why I have such a shitty dry face. Actually I do know why. It's because I used shaving cream many many years ago and left it
  11. I also am doing this. I'm actually using a normal sponge though. Don't want to spend money on some brush. I remember having 2 of them brushes and they weren't good at all. Didn't seemed to be doing anything. So far, I have less flakiness on face. I remmeber when my face started getting messed up, it's when I first used something on my face. If I can reverse time, I'd do that to when I was 15 years old. I'd never put stuff on my face again then. + I would have really finished college and my li
  12. I think you just start exfoiliating for a few mins then you apply a lot of ho ho bah! on your face, let it soak in for a bunch of minutes.. then you rinse off, get out, and then you're done..
  13. Hmm, I doubt AHA will do anything since it's a water soluble and your skin has a lipid barrier. The AHA will just sit on top of the skin and eat away on the top. Never will get inside a pore to eat the inside of the pores since lipid is inside the pores. The BHA is lipid soluble, it will actually penetrate in the pores. Water can not go into the skin. Skin is "waterproof".
  14. But I guess I can try exfoliating first and then steam. But I haven't steamed in 2 weeks so far. I seem the same I think. Oh well, i'll give it a try agian.
  15. I usually put on a exfoilating mask like an asprin honey mask. Then steam while it's on, then after I finish, I rub my face. Then I put on a cream at night. Face feels smooth and looks pretty good. Then I wash with a moisturizing cleanser in morning and then add in small amount of some moisturizer. But, I have yet to find a moisturizer that doesn't make your skin look all extra shiny and stuff. I have tried like millions of stuff already. i already gave up. Though, I don't use one that gives
  16. What I do is use a honey asprin mask, then steam while that mask is on for like 5 minutes of so, then go to bathroom and exfoliate the skin. Skin turns out to be very smooth. But the problem never goes away.
  17. Instead of squeezing them out, use one of those diabetic needle things. You just poke a tiny hole into a red spot IF you see it having a white spot inside it, like a white head or whatever. Just poke that, and then the stuff will just come right out. Then when you're done, just toss the thing in the trash, since you most likely bought a box of 200 for like $5 bucks or so. I never force it out by squeezing so now I don't have a red red face. I think they're called lancets. I'd get the fine fin
  18. so you put the shampoo/body wash on your face?
  19. Well, I have used Jojoba oil and I'll never use it. It causes me to get tiny whiteheads and makes face look like grease lightning. I bought a bottle 3x and only used it like several times total before I tossed it. But I never tried adding a couple drops into a cleanser.
  20. I had this like, forever now. Since I was like 18 years old I think. I'm 25 now. If you find something, let me know. lol What I do is, use BHA/SA with a moisturizor. Well, I just started using again. Only do it during nights, then in morning, I use a moisturizing cleanser. Then use the same moisturizer. At night, I wash face that's not using moisturizing cleasner, but one that makes me dry out. (mostly to really get the oil/grease/etc off) Any cleanser dries me out though. Then I use the same
  21. I remember trying the shampoos a few times. Never really worked for me. But I only used them like 2-4 days each time and never used again and tossed the bottles away. This time, I kept the bottles, I might retry this. I know that when I used on my face, it gets really dry. But the thing is, my face is always flaky and dry. I can just put water on it, and it'll feel tight and if I eat anything, it'll really show. Basically when I open mouth. But, I'll try this on my chest. It's not bad, but I
  22. it pretty much had no affect on me... after what... over a month? Oh well... I'll finish these up...
  23. damn, that sounds like a plan... IDK, so far, nothing is happening I'll just take it anyways...
  24. Where you get all those supplements from? They can be quite pricey. I'll check later at Vitacost.com about some of those supplements. I know Drugstore.com doesn't have them with good price.
  25. according to the persons which this worked for them... They used the non-flushing kind and apparently, the flush kind works too. They said that they take it once with/after a meal and it worked for them. The OP said it worked instantly(pretty much). At least the 2 that started Niacin thread. I take exactly what the one person said they took. She also stated that she takes Vita B complex with it(actually earlier in the day but still takes it) I'll take mine, till it's gone. I noticed a chang