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  1. I've seen a bunch of gorgeous men and women with acne. It doesn't sound like acne has ruined your sex life but warped your perspective on attractiveness due to your own insecurities. There are many people with clear skin who are pretty ugly.
  2. To me, ( no expert, just experienced lol) it looks like over the skin acne which should be easier to treat than underneath skin acne. Have you tried the regimen? I would just do a sal acid facewash plus benzol treatment and moisturizer for a couple months. Remember to drink alot of water and teas! The teas that are best for acne would be green, white and red. Maybe try looking at your diet too, I know for some people dairy makes them prone to break outs.
  3. I've always been self-conscious about my acne scars, apparently my friends don't even see them when they look at me unless I bring it up and point it out. Nobody treats or looks at me in a way that makes me feel like I have them so sometimes I forget! Unless you're a model, the most critical person of your skin will be yourself.
  4. Don't loose hope, you are still young. I felt so awful and ugly in middle school, I was flat, short, had acne, braces, no friends. You just have to start putting yourself out there little by little and find the right group of people that will accept you and love you despite your acne/ scars, gain some confidence in yourself. It may take years but once you realize you are more than the pimples and scars people will see that as well. I use to never want to look in mirrors, one time my mom put one
  5. Yeah, when I left the consultation room and went up to the receptionist for a follow up appointment I told them I did not want to see her and wanted a different dermatologist I felt kinda bad but not really. If i'm paying that much money, I want someone i'm happy with.
  6. I had a consultation with a derm who brought up all these prescriptions I already knew about, I felt like she was just listing things, that appointment was a little over $200, was not happy haha.
  7. Yeah I wash my face with cleanser and use Dans bp twice a day and i've been using glycolic acid wipes/lotion a few nights a week.
  8. I'm use to having severe acne on my forehead but since that has cleared up on my forehead i'm experiencing some mild acne spots on my cheeks. And they just sit there for weeks if not months it seems, and won't go away unless I try to extract them, and if I do it just leaves scars. Any suggestions?
  9. I had the same problem as you! I had severe acne was about to go on Accutane,had the booklet and everything but my mom pulled me out of it before I got the pills. My face is combination as well and I scar and get hyper pigmentation easily. Here are some things that helped me tremendously and I feel could help you: Face scrub 3x a week Cutting out fast food/soda from your diet Drinking a small amount of apple cider vinegar at night (i'm going to start that again because i've been breaking out
  10. Ok I sent him this message after he sent me a link to his pinterest of what he wanted to shoot. "Yes I like your vision. I just wanted to disclose to you that I do have some acne scarring on the temples of my face, i'm not sure if this is a deterrent to you as a photographer or not? If it is I understand. " Part of me just wanted to show up and be so charming that he could see me and look past my scars but I posted in one of the forums asking others what I should do and most of the photo
  11. If you would have told me in middle school i'd be dipping my foot into modeling I would have laughed in your face. It's nothing serious more of a hobby in the summer but, I've been contacted by a great photographer in Portland to work with. I've never worked with a higher end photographer before. Here comes the hard part, I definitely feel that I should tell him about the acne scars on the temples of my face. His reaction can go either way, and i'm just really nervous about it. When people look
  12. I thought this guy was so ugly the first time I saw him. Later got to know him, we became friends and I definitely don't think he is ugly at all. I was judgmental at first but realized his looks weren't even bad and his personality made him more attractive. I've had severe acne in the past and still have scars from it, so I definitely don't pick and choose the people i'm around based on their skin.
  13. Scar_Tissue

    Not impressed

    Not impressed

    I've been using this for about 2 months and it's definitely not worth the price. I use water on my face in the morning then toner so my skin isn't so dry when putting on make up but this product isn't helping anything.
  14. I love Cover Fx pressed powder and Chanel foundation.