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  1. stolz

    skin complaint

    i cant put a pic up(camera dead and fone as well I just had a look at the rosacea site and it does look like the type 2 rosacea
  2. ok, i have had this rash type thing on my face that developed around 2 years ago. It is around the nostrils on my nose and above my lip and side of nose. also on the right side of my chin. I have found elecon cream to keep it at bay, but the moment i forget to use it of a nite the next morning its all inflamed, scaly and bumpy. I thought it was psorasis or exma to start with, but now i am not so sure. is it possible its a form of acne? as bumps with liquid in them do come up if i dont use the el
  3. i bought this product not long ago, and have used it a few times and really like the finish it gives me, and how smooth it makes my skin. just wondering if it is any good to use tho. ingredients are: water propylene glycol kaolin mineral oil(paraffinum liquidum) isopropyl palmitate steric acid glyceryl stearate triethanolamine iron oxides magnesium aluminium silicate dimethicone cellulose gum polysorbate 60 lecithin phenoxyethanol methylparaben propylparaben butylparaben fragrance its an austr
  4. thanx guys. exactly what i was looking for
  5. i saw the link on this forum before, but i seem to have lost it and cannot find it in any posts. it lists all beauty type products and gives them a rating and people comment on what they thought of the product and if they would buy again? thanks in advance
  6. used so many over time....see what i can remember Maybeline: pure - only recently tried this one and not really a big fan of it on my skin everfresh liquid - using this at the moment, great coverage but am looking for something a bit lighter wonderfinish - good cover but dries the hell out of my skin pressed powder(stay matte) - not bad 'Prestige' liquid foundation - absolutely loved this stuff but they discontinued it about 2 yrs ago(kinda when all my problems with my skin started wish they
  7. I had been contemplating using some of the dove products for a while, but hadn't heard any comments about their effectiveness or anything etc till i came on this forum think i might just give it a try I have sensitive skin, and i think my skin is crappy generally because of the thousands of products I have tried and tested on it over time. I have been using the cetaphil cleanser and moisturising lotion. Looking to swap to something else as i find the lotion a bit heavy/too much for my skin...a
  8. hi there, just wondering what products everyone uses to remove their make up? thanx
  9. what sort of foundations do people use? my skin isnt oily, and only has a few lumps and bumps and some redness now, but i am wondering what sort of foundations out there are good?
  10. I exercise every day(mornings tho) and I just wash my face with the cetaphil gentle cleanser. I am having great results with this stuff as I have sensitive skin.I wash it when i have a shower when i come home from training, so probably 10-15mins after i am finished i would have a shower
  11. I do find my skin texture is better when i exercise as opposed to when i dont. Whether or not it makes a HUGE difference to acne I am not sure. I have very mild acne,more so problems with psoriasis/dry skin/red skin but my skin is generally clearer when i am exercising often. I do cycle racing so i train every day(one day off per week) so my body does sweat a lot. I dont get acne anywhere else on my body, just my face.
  12. hi all, I'm new to the forum and just wondering if there are any aussies out there on the regimen? if so, what products do u use(just wondering as some products people have mentioned on here i cannot find in our stores) ta