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  1. Hello AnonymourProblems! Thank you so much for your answer. I really helps to know that =D I just want to know one more thing. Did your friend have his skin as dry as yours on the pictures? Because I have two friends who were on Isotretinoin and they never had visible dry skin. And did your friend use his contact lenses till the end of the treatment? Thank you so much for your help
  2. Hi there! I'm thinking about starting Accutane to tame my extremely oily skin. I don't have that much acne because a did a treatment with Isotrexin and Panoxyl for 6 months but my oily skin is killing me and that's why I still have one or two breakouts a week =/ I think that a low dose of isotretinoin would solve my problem but I have a question to ask you and to every one who is using oral isotretinoin. Can you use contact lenses on a daily basis? And If you drank lots lots of water do you thin
  3. I have those holes on my cheeks too. When a have a comedone it leaves those holes. They are scars! And i think that they can disapear with an anti-scar cream. But i don't know which one should i use. Does anyone knows what would be good for these type of scars??
  4. I use the L'oreal pure zone toner. It is working for me. I love it.
  5. You should plant other aloe vera for it to grow while you are using the other one. I have one that i use and three that are growing and waiting for me to use them . You have to be very careful with the aloe because cientists say that it can be absorbed by the skin 10x faster than water and because of that it can absorb dirt too. So make sure that you have your skin and your hands clean.
  6. The bp doesn't leave your skin darker. The bp makes your skin snsitive to sun so when you get some sun your skin burns more easily. This is what my farmacist said to me and a think it is true.
  7. The TTO is not pure is has some other ingredients All Ingredients: Water, Alcohol Denat., Polysorbate 60, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Limonene, t-Butyl Alcohol, Denatonium Benzoate. is it good??
  8. I'm thinking about buying the body shop Tea tree oil but i wanted to know if it is good. Has anyone used it? How did you use it? Did it help you?
  9. Has anyone of you tried the bodyshop tea tree oil?? Because i really want to try it but a wanted to know if it is good or if it will make me breakout.
  10. She was digitally improved! I can see that. It is a little bit fake.
  11. HILARY DUFF I love her skin. i'm a huge fan of her and i have never seen her with a pimple on her face. She is perfect!!
  12. I have already used dalacin t lotion and it hasn't cleared up my skin. It dries some of your pimples but it doesn't prevent them to grow. But i know someone who also tried it and he noticed some results on his face.
  13. I use dove beauty bar to wash my face. It never made me breakout and it leaves the skin very soft without overdring . It is super gentle.
  14. I use Avéne sunscreen and i love it. It never made me break out and it leaves my skin very soft(because it has thermal water).
  15. When i started the regimen my skin was extremely red. But then i started to vaporize thermal water on my face and i also started to use a thermal water based moisterzer. And my skin was no longer red. I am a fan of thermal water