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  1. Differin is usually an all over thing but I've read on here about some using it only on affected areas. Use a pea-sized dab. Gently glide small bits of that dab over your face. No need to rub it in. Make sure your skin is not wet at all when you apply it to avoid some unpleasant irritation. Good luck with it! i use it with an anti bacterial topical, cant remember the name right now lol, i never really got a purging effect either,, cleard my skin in like 2 weeks good luck
  2. i've been doing this since the day i read this post, fluctuating between 2 or 4 a day and i've cut out dairy.. i dunno whether its the dairy or cod liver, but my face has absolutely cleared up!!!
  3. I'm trying so hard to cut dairy out of my diet, but i'm sucking at it horribly. Anywhoo.. Can you guys give some TASTEFUL healthy recipes and seasonings that wouldnt effect my skin in a bad way ofcourse, i don't know where to start with this! Foods to avoid, give examples please! I'm not too smart when it comes to Nutrion facts so please explain what a processed food is and things made out of white flour besides white bread, this may sound dumb, but i'm just ignorant to this all, but i need
  4. Irritation breakouts resemble rashes, so that very well may be what you have. You might try a hydrocortisone product and see if that doesn't help soothe your breakout, and in the meantime just gently cleanse and wear a broad-spectrum SPF 15 or higher sunscreen until your skin clears up. EDIT: I just looked at your regimen and noticed that you're not wearing a sunscreen; you absolutely should be wearing a broad-spectrum SPF 15 or higher sunscreen every day, and even more so with retinoids and
  5. A decrease of 10% DHT would need somewhere around a 30% increase in test to balance out. Your point is well taken but regardless, having less anabolic hormones will result in lower performance and/or muscle mass. If its a 5, 10 or 15 percent decrease its 5, 10 or 15 more than what im willing to spare.
  6. I'm really considering moving to miami for school to be close to the ocean water....im so glad im young
  7. i just started this, hope it helps..i have mild mild acne, im more concerned about the dark spots i'm gettting if anything
  8. Are there any question's I should ask? I only have mild but persistent acne that's leaving black marks after every bump, i really need this to go away...If I get an asshole of a derm, I will atleast try to make the best out of it..
  9. honestly, your face isn't that bad...u look really pretty from what i can see, give it time, those will go on their own...
  10. my skin ig great in the summer...i'm breaking out horribly right now, i dont kno if its stress or winter