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  1. Cant really help you with how to get rid of old marks. Ya may want to check out the Acne-Scarring forums instead.
  2. Finding a place to release and vent aint so bad. Its also not so bad to hear other people's problems, attempted solutions, results, opinions, etc. I dont come here too often but I will check it now and then, if only to listen in. Sometimes, some of the info I get here has helped, while other stuff just didnt do anything for me. Live and learn and then you keep going on. Take it easy Dragon. If you cant find any other good places to vent from this damn annoying skin condition, theres always tim
  3. Active acne on your face is always worse than older/healing redspots. Since most of us who are here suffer from some kind of acne, I think we'd all feel satisfied if we could just stop new breakouts from forming. A red bump just generally looks worse than a flat light-red spot. Im more realistic in my approach. I dont expect to be *clear-clear* for a long time (if ever) but if i can prevent most new & future breakouts, I'll feel as if i have accomplished a major challenge.
  4. Is there a good way to bring the pus (whitehead) of a pimple to the top? I got an angry eruption on my left cheek and I just know there is some pus deeper down under the surface. It isnt visible yet and Im running out of patience. I dont wanna try to pop the pimple without clearly seeing the whitehead first. (And yes, I know how to safely "squeeze" some pus out of a pimple) But until it rises to the surface, Im not touching it. So is there anything one can do to help raise this annoying stuff f
  5. Yeah, i've also had instances where im travelling and i cant really follow a good skin-care regime. Yet some of those times are the times when my skin is the clearest... it boggles the mind. As a few others have said though, it is mostly to do with genetics and hormones. When yer body is ready to have a flare-up, its probably going to. And when its not, yer skin is clear and yer left wondering why. Its such a fuckin thing of luck that is perhaps the most frustrating... you can't control it but
  6. I also have sensitive skin so I had to start off very lightly with BP and gradually increase the dose over a period of a couple of weeks. There were a few days where my face got red but it looked like a mild sunburn, nothing more. (And in some ways, the redness does kinda disguise some marks on my face, hehe) But I gotta warn ya, take care on what else you may be putting on your face. Any other medications or treatments coupled with BP can make redness and irritation worse. Also take a look at
  7. The chlorine in pools can be a pretty good factor to help reduce acne. I also think the water, exercise, sun and allowing your skin to breath for a little while helps too. Only problem is that yer skin may get a little dry if its sensitive. Nothing too bad but if yer already on some sort of skin care regime, don't get lazy with the moisturizer.
  8. Well, from what I've seen so far, I can tell you Benzoyl Peroxide only has limited results on papules. I had always wondered if the regime, and most over-the-counter products for acne, were more designed for the sort of acne that has whiteheads and pustules. Papules just seem to be the damn stubborn ones that like to keep themselves deeper below the skin and hang around as long as possible.
  9. Ice helps a bit. Take an ice cube, wrap it in a thin paper towel or tissue and hold it to the zit for a little bit. Don't hold it there for more than a minute though. Do this atleast a few times a day and it may help reduce the swelling and redness of the pimple. I hear it also helps to ice the area a bit before putting on Benzoyl Peroxide. Supposedly, the ice brings down a bit of the swelling, allowing BP to penetrate the skin more effectively. (Or so I hear)
  10. Wonder if anyone here can help me out with some basic acne information. So what are pastules and papules and how can you identify them? From what I've heard, a pustule is what we all consider to be a pimple/zit. Its a red bump with a visible whitehead, which is usually filled with pus. (Hence the name, Pustule) A papule is also a red bump but one that doesnt really form a whitehead. Im guessing a papule is a little deeper and may not even contain much (if any) pus in there. Is that corr
  11. Cetaphil... mostly just cuz its the only cleanser that is light on my skin. I got sensitive enough skin so most other cleansers can really dry/irritate the hell out of it. I do use Clean & Clear Blackhead Scrub once a day (or every other day on some weeks) to help exfoiliate too.
  12. The summer has always been the time of year my face is usually a lot clearer. I attribute this to more exposure to the bright sun for longer periods of time during the day. It isnt a miracle cure of course but it can and has helped. Just don't overdo it and avoid sunburns. Getting sunburnt isn't just uncomfortable... it has the potential to worsen acne in some cases when your skin starts to heal. So don't forget to protect yourself!
  13. Yeah, I can tell you right now my skin sure as hell doesnt heal itself like it used to when I was in High School. Granted, Im only 22 but I remember when I had the occassional light break-out in high school, I didnt really worry about it much because I knew it would be gone in a few days. Red marks never lasted beyond a week. Now... it feels like even a moderate sized zit has the potential to leave a mark for months. I guess I should be taking more Zinc or something.