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  1. Alright, its basically like the title says. I have severely dry skin. I have stopped all topicals. I dont even care about what little acne I have right now. Im tired of using BP or salicylic or whatever and ruining my face. My point, I stopped all topicals over 2 weeks ago. All I do day and night is cleanse with nothing but water, just a couple splashes and then dry my face. After that I apply a very heavy moisturizer which even has jojoba oil in it. And yet my skin is still dry and flaky li
  2. I found a link that maybe you'll be interested in. I recently found a cleanser I want to use and it has Olive oil and Olive leaf extract in it. I was worried to use it, I thought it might break me out worse. I contacted the company and they responded with a very well written and long response on the benefits of both the ingredients. In there they said how olive leaf extract is mildly anti-bacterial which interested me into doing more research which is how I found the link. But finding that make
  3. I posted this somewhere else but didnt really get any responses, so im posting it here because I think more people might be able to respond. I wanted to know if olive oil is good or bad for the skin? Topically or internally? I found a cleanser that i want to try and it has olive oil and olive leaf extract in it but Im not sure if it will break me out or if olive oil is semi safe? Any help would be life saving
  4. Awesome, Thank you very much Brandy, i was hoping you would reply and I never used that chart before so thats cool. I noticed for olive oil it says 2, since its in a cleanser do you think this is going to be a major concern? I noticed that jojoba oil says 0-2 and lots of people use that with no problems, so I was hoping it would be alright but I still wanted to ask you. Thanks a ton, your great
  5. So I have been trying to find a cleanser that doesn't dry me out for some time. I have tried god knows how many....I actually read that there are others with this problem to which makes me feel better. My derm recommended a cleanser to me....I actually knew about it for awhile and wanted to try it but never did and the fact that she said about the same one I thought was cool. I'll post the link. Its only sold by walgreens, one of their European line products from spain. Its called Oli Anti-agin
  6. Hey there. I just got this as a birthday present and im really excited to use it, but i wanted to know what you thought of it... [Removed link] I didnt know if any of the ingredients look bad? Im sorda a big hippy, haha, not really but my mom grew up near the ocean and she spent a lot of time out in the water, and she has beautiful skin. She will tell anyone that its from nature, the natural water and everything in the water. I love organic products, especially ones that incorporate in
  7. Yea, def. let us know how it works. It looks very interesting and also got good reviews. So i'll wait and see how you like it and then maybe try it.
  8. Yea, i want to congratulate you too. I know some people are saying stupid things but dont listen to them, acne is acne and can break anyone down. Good luck in the future. As for the people posting rude comments, grow up, if you dont have something nice to say, than just shut your mouth, nobody cares for your negativity And also a correction to some people who maybe dont understand the word "acne" such as the ones who posted the definition of it, "Acne" is any type of pimple on your skin, no w
  9. My skin is dry now, but when it gets oily like in the summer and hotter days, I use an oil controlling moisturiser and it works great for me. I know Paula's Choice has one like that and there are plenty of other name brands out there. I dont know how well it works for others, but i just apply a small amount once i get out of the shower and it makes me skin velvet like and my skin doesnt get too oily throughout the day. Sometimes a little oil seeps through, but nothings perfect. Also you can buy
  10. Im having a problem figuring something out. I read that it takes at least 2 week for acne to form, so if your using a product and start breaking out, chances are it may not be from that product. Well i have a tendency to break out all the time. I started using a cream and the next day i have breakouts everywhere, before that I used a product and a day or two later i had breakouts everywhere, it happens often. So if what is said is true, it takes 2 weeks to form, than i thought maybe im allergic
  11. Hey mandy, maybe im crazy, but do you know of any brands that make non-flouride toothpaste. I dont remember seeing any at the store, but than again i could be wrong, i normally just grab one and go, haha.
  12. I took your advice with using the Green Cream at night and the MaMa Lotion during the day. So far its working decently, but I havent given it enough time yet, eventually I might try just the Green cream because the mama lotion burns a little bit. The GC does to but not as bad. I had one more question i was hoping you could help me with. My face is always tight, if i stretch my mouth or something I can really feel the tightness. I also have some dry patches here and there along with peeling, like
  13. Hi snowqueen. I think i found a cleanser i want to use, but i thought to ask you first. My main concerns are that I have acne but at the same time i have sensitive skin. Im looking for a cleanser that wont cause acne and at the same time isnt harsh or drying to my face, considering mr current one dries me out. Its a foam cleanser, not gel or cream, i assume thats alright, i think it will allow me to be more gentle because i wont be pressing as hard on my face. I'll list the ingredients, could yo
  14. Well I just received my Green Cream samples and i was going to try the retinol/BHA treatment as you suggested but now i have a problem, haha. They sent me a MaMa sample, the Mandelic and Malic acid mixture serum. I remember reading that you used mandelic acid, im not sure if this is the same product, but did you like it and what can you tell me about it? It came with info and it says that it is a natural antibacterial which to me seems like i could use this in place of benzoyl peroxide. I know y
  15. Adding on to the previous question which was....in your opinion, do you think that majority of people can achieve clear/near clear skin with use of BHA and/or retinoid? Do you think people can achieve clear skin with just the use of a retinol product?