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  1. Okey my tolerance is low already before accutane so I guess I'll take it extra easy!
  2. Hi friends! I went on my second accutane course because my derm said it would be the best for me. Right now I've been on it for about 1-2months not sure ^^. My question is, I know some people can drink and some dont but are there less chances something bad will happen to me if I drink some? This course is going great almost no side-effects btw.
  3. Hello I first visited this site 1 yr ago, in tears searching for answers basically. I first found the success stories about random products which I wanted to tryout of course. Excited as I was I read threw alot of the stories about different regimens. I had heard only bad things about Accutane before I read the success stories and was not even thinking about testing it. Not only was I scared to try it I didnt want to go one cm outside my door (because of my acne) And this being an prescriptio
  4. Hi! long time ago i visited this forum, got another one of them questions! Can I train, i mean seriously train hard after accutane? Is there a big risk my acne would come back? Should i try first easy and then go harder? Have gotten a few new zits after I finished my course but nothing to complain about. Anyone with any tip? And I hope you understood!
  5. I dont think it will mess up your course but u could mess up your liver ;P seems like u r fine, dont worry
  6. 1) Will i definatly get an IB, and will it be not as bad, seeing as im on a lowish dose? There is a big chance u will get an IB at the beginning or maybe later of your course, some people dont some do. 2) I was planning on not drinking alcohol until my birthday (oct 15), and then on xmas, should i avoid this? U should avoid alcohol on tane ive read alot of things about it. again, some people do drink and nothing happens. 3) Is it usual to be not experiancing anything atm? Yes it is. u will pr
  7. How long after im done with my course can i get drunk or just drink a few beers? havent had any major side-effect and im atm very pleased with the results. offtopic question, at what age do people from the us/uk (canada?) go to collage?
  8. I can't tell if you're being sarcastic...but don't take cocaine while on accutane. It's metabolized in the liver, just like alcohol, and it dehydrates your body.
  9. I got a few zits 2 days ago, havent gotten anything on my face for long tho.
  10. no mate u shouldnt be worried after taking cocaine, good luck with everything!
  11. u are full of bullcrap theres one big list of side-effects.. american right? "I sue you" it's fcking pathetic..
  12. these are just left over red marks, almost, i know what u mean. but i had alot worse 5-6 months ago.
  13. I had severe acne! serioulsy severe..... ...... anyway my friends. i only have 2 pics of me on month two. and another 2 pics on month 4. (mostly just my redmarks) month 2, right side. http://s213.photobucket.com/albums/cc131/W...ent=Bild001.jpg month 2, left side. http://s213.photobucket.com/albums/cc131/W...ent=Bild000.jpg month 4, left side. http://s213.photobucket.com/albums/cc131/W...ent=Bild019.jpg month 4, right side http://s213.photobucket.com/albums/cc131/W...nt=Bild0122.jpg