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  1. Hi all!! I've been a "lurker" on this thread for a while and just wanted to share my success story, too!! I've had acne on and off for 8 years. About 1.5 of those years have been spent with mild-moderate acne. My most recent breakout, about 3-4 months ago, was definitely moderate (no cysts) but horrible and painful. This was after 3 years of clear skin!! Anyways, my doctor prescribed me FINACEA, which is a gel made with Azelaic Acid - and you can read about it elsewhere on Acne.org. This
  2. I just completed week 5 of my Finacea treatment. Breakouts have been reduced to almost non-existant and red marks are fading. I really think this topical is different for everyone who uses it. My best friend has used this for over a year and it has never stopped working for her. It is just like any other acne medication where it works for some and it doesn't work for some!
  3. Yes, I didn't want to overdo it either!! I used 1 application for about 6-7 nights (1 week), then did morning and night. It is realllllly not harsh though. I only gave myself a few day break between BP and this. My tips for making sure to not get too dry are: 1. Make sure to rub it in really well!! I use a small circular motion to rub it in. Otherwise it forms kind of a crust like any other topical. 2. I use 1 pump of Cetaphil Daily Facial moisturizer about 15 minutes later. I pump into my han
  4. VAST improvement over the last 3 days. The Finacea is really doing its job after the 2 week mark. My redmarks are fading dramatically and active acne has all but disappeared, just a few minor stragglers left that are on their way out. Please try this topical if you are suffering like I was!!
  5. Yes - I will keep you all posted!! Anything we can do to help each other! I hate it when people fall off the face of the earth once they plug something - I like to have follow up!
  6. I am going to wait until the "4 week" mark to say if I think this is as effective as a retinoid. I have been on Retin-A before and I remember the horrrrreeeeeeeennnnnnndus initial breakout and that it took a bit longer to start working but it really did its job. The Finacea has less of an initial breakout (I definitely notice "zits in waiting" being brought to the surface as whiteheads though) and it is less harsh than a retinoid. It is an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. My "two we
  7. Update: Day 12! Another update on my Finacea use. I now have about 7 small whiteheads that had been lurking below the surface. These would have normally surfaced as pauples or pustules, from past experience. I think it is the Finacea that is making them smaller, with a shorter life cycle. I am hoping these go away soon and then its just some red marks to deal with!
  8. I have made a post in this forum about Finacea - It is for Acne/Rosacea but also is used to clear up acne. This is something it sounds like you haven't tried so maybe give it a go!] Good luck.
  9. Just thought I'd post a little update 10 days into my Finacea use. I have noticed that pimples go away dramatically faster now that I am using this product and that my new pimples have been very limited (probably they were lurking below the surface before I started the Finacea). My red marks from previous pimples are much lighter. I feel very happy with this medicine! It does sting a lot for the first few applications, though!
  10. Hi all - There have been a couple of posts about Finacea on these message boards, but I wanted to post my experience so that others may experience this fantastic topical!! Finacea was approved in 2004 to treat the facial condition Rosacea - which can be accompanied by acne-like bumps. It has recently been prescribed to mild/moderate acne sufferers. I just got a prescription for this on Friday 1/12, and I know it is too early to tell if it has lasting effects - but this gel is AMAZING. It is
  11. I actually decided to stop the BP all together. I got a prescription for FINACEA which is much less drying. Finacea is an anti-inflammatory/anti-bacterial gel designed to treat Rosacea, but it is also prescribed for mild acne. There is not supposed to be an initial breakout (it is not a retinoid). SO FAR it is working magic. I would highly recommend this gel!!
  12. Thank you so much Kim and Josh. I will order it and keep you posted!! (We'll see!)
  13. Hi all!! As far as BP goes, I love Proactiv's "step 3", the 2.5% BP Reparing Lotion. I do not use any of the other steps - too harsh!! Right now I use Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser and Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF15, which I love as well. Well my Proactiv lotion expired and I am NOT buying an entire kit for $39.95 just to get 2 oz of BP! Plus, they send you new kits all the time and randomly charge your credit card. I want to order Dan's BP gel, but I am concerned about switching pr