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  1. hey guys its about a week now and i do see improvement on my face thanks to the regimen since i havent been taking the tetracycline with it.. i just have this one annoying spot on my forehead that pimples keep coming from im guessing its because i play soccer and i use my head to hit the ball a bunch of times which im guessing could irritate but other than that its clearing the pimples on the rest of my face, biggest improvement is on my cheeks..thanks for all ur help and ill keep u updated..jus
  2. i also used the aveeno ultra calming..not so good for flakes and during activity or sweating my face turned redder than ive ever seen it and it u can see it on my face wen i was sweating..cetaphil daily moisturizer spf 15 works better for me with the flakes and havent had any problems while playing but i am looking for a better moisturizer gonna try that complex 15 that everyone is talking about if i can find it
  3. well im a guy and not looking to hav a baby anytime soon and im tired of trying everything in the book to get rid of this and money isnt a problem so is accutane the way to go.. whats like the percentages of people who get cured using accutane compared to people whos acne is put into remission for a while..does accutane not work at all for certain people and whats the fastest acne came back after using accutane are some of my curious questions?
  4. wats the deepest into the program that you can still get a breakout??
  5. Also i would like to know if its a cure for life??? and if it is why isnt everyone on it..
  6. i second what beentheredonethat said...
  7. just be yourself..girls will be girls and high school will be high school..do things that you enjoy always..u only live once
  8. good questions i would like to know the same thing? and about the flakiness i dont know either but the moisturizer for me hides it for the most part..good luck to you
  9. theres always hope..dont let this annoying ass shit stop you from enjoying your life..take care and good luck
  10. thanks for the advice..anything is appreciated..first thing i noticed is the cetaphil daily moisturizer works better against the flakes then aveeno ultra calming and the aveeno wen i played soccer my face turned red and it kind of ran and the cetaphil moisturizer hasnt done that..so far so good a lil stinging but nothing really painful or even too irritating..BP is definitely fighting pimples..i was prescribed by my normal doctor because he is a friend of mine some tetracycline 250Mg should i ta
  11. where can i buy this??thanks for the help its appreciated..ill be posting day by day after the first week of doing step by step exactly as Dan says
  12. New to this and tired of the acne..i am starting the regimen i have already bought all my products..I have neutrogena 2.5% BP on the spot, Purpose cleanser in liquid form, cetaphil moisturizing lotion spf 15, and aveeno ultra calming moisturizer..any advice would be great and advice on the products i am using whether good or bad would be great.. I have tried this regimen before but last time i thought i could get away without using a moisturizer but i flaked up like crazy so i quit the regimen c