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  1. http://my.break.com/media/view.aspx?ContentID=175201 watch that video and tell me your not grossed out.
  2. Sure it doesn't. I'd say it's good for you (it improves your blood circulation which is good for your skin.)
  3. Dam bro ur face really did take a downward spin. I feel ur pain.
  4. Acnesckz


    Denver Broncos baby!
  5. Ya this dipping really does work great. It heals up your face faster and it makes pimples not come out as big. Great idea here.
  6. Ive been lifting weights since I joined football a few years back and I cant say it effects acne.
  7. I Do hot water dips and thats all.
  8. Dipping in Hot water for 1 min+ morning and evening really helps you face heal faster. Plus pimples that come up are gone a day later. Thats my experiance so far. Redness is fading fast. Great stuff.
  9. yeah thats actually really good. Many people on this site would die to have your skin!
  10. I had like these tumors on the sides of my face. (cyts I believe) Also aloot of break outs. I dont break out as often now. If I do the pimples go away in a day or so.
  11. Extraction does hurt alot. I Play football so im pain tolerant. Plus the blood streaming down your face is not a good experiance. Im not sure it works well because I had two pimples extracted and they are really enflamed now.
  12. I personally think my acne is bad. My mom says it isnt but shes my MOM. What do you think?. Those two red marks were extracted by my dermo a day earlier. My Regimen Hot water Dips 4-6 liters of water a day. My acne has gotten better and better.