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  1. Don't know what final decision you made OP, but I would suggest you try going to a dermatologist in private practice as opposed to one who works in a hospital. Hospitals are notorious for charging exorbitantly high fees for lab work (over $1,000 for something basic like CBC and CMP). My private practice dermatologist had me go to Quest Diagnostics for my blood work. I paid anywhere between $50-70 for my monthly labs, depending upon if the nurse chose blood draw for my pregnancy test or a uri
  2. I was on Accutane (Claravis) for 6 months, 60 mg/day. I didn't see any improvement until about months 4 1/2 - 5. Months 5 and 6, my skin looked so good EVERYONE complimented me on it. The effects didn't last very long for me, however. Ten months post and I'm starting to break out again...
  3. Finacea burns and itches for nearly 30 mintues. It is the most exurciatingly painful topical I have ever used. It also does a wonderful job of clearing up acne if you can take the pain. I wanted to rip my face off when I was using it.
  4. Some pimples have to be poped (extracted) to heal. Fact. My derm told me.
  5. Check out this article from dermadoctor. http://www.dermadoctor.com/pages/newsletter55.asp It lists both prescription and overthecounter products for melasma. Prescription strength hydroquinone will give you the quickest results. My aunt uses this cream called black/white (it comes in a lilac box-it's sold at Walgreens, Jewel etc) and granted it has lightened her skin (the results aren't that dramatic) but she's been using it since she was a teenager and she is now 32. I've us
  6. As far as the gel balling up is concerned, I would suggest waiting at least 5 minutes or how ever long it takes for the gel to dry and then apply your lotion.
  7. Sunscreen will help prevent further darkening of the skin (any sunscreen will do just so long as it is broadspectrum- dermadoctor.com has a hojpaj of sunscreens that list the ingredients and are resonably priced), you'll need the hydroquinone cream to actually fade the skin and the 4% is by prescription only. In some foreign countries like China they've used mercury in products in the past.
  8. I think its not hormones per say, but how the body handles the production of the hormones. Adrogen (the male hormone) is supposed to be behind acne, yet I've seen a lot of guys with great skin. If your body produces too much, or if the normal level is produced and yet your body isn't able to manage it, then acne results. This isn't me. I know nothing. I read this somewhere but I can't remember where.
  9. Birth Control pills. I take the generic version of orhto-tri-cyclen (its called Trinessa, its like $12 cheaper than the name brand version). I've been on the pill now for about 3-months. Back in like December I started to breakout really badly in places I had never broken out at before (jawline, chin, under my chin). I was like WTF!!?? I went to the derm and I asked for some adrogen blockers (because I read that those paticular areas where I was experiencing breakouts were associated with h
  10. It sounds like you have melasma to me. I. Definition: Melasma or chloasma is a brownish discoloration of the face that occurs most often in women. Men can also develop this problem. The brown color often fades in winter and gets worse in the summer. II. Cause: Pregnancy (mask of pregnancy) is the most common cause of melasma. Women who are taking oral contraceptives are at risk of developing melasma. Sunlight is a major factor in the development of melasma. III. Trea
  11. I gotta agree with you, kids are pretty dirty people and yet their skin is completely flawless. I take BCPills myself to regulate my hormones, only thing is, it seems that only sections of my face have benefited while others are still problem areas. My skin definitely isn't as oily as it used to be however, still oily, but not as oily.
  12. Malanex worked woders for me. It is a 3% hydroquinone solution. You could try the 2% hydroquinone stuff that they sell over the counter (like black opal) but I seriously question their effectiveness. Alot of people atribute their dark spots fading to that stuff when in actuality the spots are just fading on their own (like you said, they fade in about 2-3months). Prescription strength is best. Use morning and night, spot free in about 6-weeks even without sunscreen.
  13. I believe your derm prescribed the generic version of accutane, but generics and brand names have the same active ingredient, the packageing just isn't as pretty. Like I take Trinessa, the generic, of Ortho-Tri-Cylen. It doesn't have the dial-turner-thingy and its $12 cheaper, but the same level of hormones. Do an internet search for generic accutane, a couple were just approved like on Feb 2003 (I guess accutanes patent expired).