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  1. End of month 1: Hey, I haven't really had any changes, hence the lack of updates. My lips are getting really chapped, and get better and worse as the days progress. Some days it's fine, some tend to be worse than others. Also, I got a rash on both arms and moving towards my hands from something, but the derm gave me some sort of creme which is supposed to fix it. Face doesn't look bad, but at the same time not better. I'm probably going to only update monthly or as needed now, whichever comes fi
  2. Days 18-21: Didn't update because there are new updates...lips are just getting dryer, but my face isn't as dry anymore.
  3. Day 19: Lips and skin not as bad as yesterday...
  4. Day 18: Lips are pretty chapped, face is much dryer.
  5. Day 18: Lips VERY chapped and dry, and when I got home from school my face was really dry. Face isn't too dry now though...
  6. Day 17: Lips chapped, not as bad as yesterday.
  7. Day 16: Chapped lips are a little bit more irritated, other than that no improvments or side effects.
  8. Day 14: Lips and face weren't dry when I woke up, but when I came home from school they were pretty dry. Not nearly as bad as Tazorac and doxycyclene though. 2 weeks down, 24 to go
  9. Day 13: Lips and cheeks weren't dry at all. Actually, the acne is drying up, but no flaky by any means.
  10. Day 12: Lips and cheeks were actually dry, but Aquaphor and Cetaphil did the job...
  11. You are eating fatty foods with you pill, right? It'll help your body absorb that magic little pill. Everyone is different in seeing side effects, I think my most drastic skin changing day was day five.
  12. Day 11: In the morning everything was fine, but before I went to bed I noticed my lips were a little bit dry.
  13. Day 10: Skin and lips weren't dry at all, not even when I woke up. Shouldn't I be seeing some dryness now???
  14. Day 9: Little bit of dry skin in the morning, but Cetaphil fixed that.