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  1. It's been a while since I've been on this site. I believe my last post was sharing my skin regimen, that from what I thought finally was working. Little did I know, it took a turn for the worst, and I believe it was just because of dehydration of my skin. Well, as of now, I feel like this is something that will keep my acne under control for the most part. I finally am hydrating my skin with a good moisturizer and I don't see how it can get much worse. I tend to get worse acne if I strip my
  2. Yeah... it's probably death. Don't worry though you have to die somehow. When you find out that you have a terrible case of AIDS at least you can still play videogames. I WOULS HAVE SAID IT IN PERSON IF I KNEW YOU WOULD LAY MY ASS DOWN.
  3. I haven't been on this board in a while, but decided to log in and post an update on how my acne condition is. First of all, I've always had acne, since like high school. I am 26 years old now and still have always been breaking out. I used Proactiv Solution for about 5 years, and it helped a lot but I still would break out. The worst breakout, was last October in 2006. It was so bad I wouldn't even go out of the house at times. Ever since I kept switching to different products. Finally like a f
  4. LOL.....um my information comes from The Glucose Revolution Book which is all about eating low glycemic which therefore helps and prevents Insulin Resistance. You don't have to totally cut out everything to achieve that. Insulin Resistance does not mean cutting out ALL bread......pasta....rice.....sugar.....dairy...icecream.....etc. And that stupid comment about vinegar..did I say I thought drinking vinegar helped? Anyways, my face has been giving me hell again so Im not in the best mood...but I
  5. oh what a bunch of S***. You people are paranoid that diet is breaking you out, its not even funny. Come on, you ate some icecream, now you see few clogged pores.........are you serious? I don't mean to sound mean, but come on. Unless you have a massive food allergy, you should be able to eat ANYTHING in moderation. Also, eating in moderation would avoid insulin spike..therefore you should be fine. You should not be depriving yourself of anything really, and eating on that ridiculous paleo diet
  6. I recently have been breaking out, I guess somewhere between mild and moderate. Anyhow, my mom works in a department store where they sell the brand CLINIQUE. www.clinique.com The kit is called Acne Solutions Clear Skin System. She told me about this new clear skin kit they have. She explained to me about the products and I was like ...."no way will that work". Anyways, the cleanser is like foam, and active ingredient is salicylic acid, 2%.....then there is a clarifying lotion which is for tonin
  7. I've heard a lot about how most people get too much vitamin A due to not only diet but especially when they add in supplements. Its rare for someone to be deficient in it. I could have swore I read that 3 ounces of chicken is like around 12,000 vitamin A, which is more than you need in a day really. Surely most people get plenty, if not too much in their diets alone. If you took 50,000 IU of it, you really might have some consequences, because that is an extreme dosage even if only taken for onl
  8. Is there not a limit to how much vinegar you should consume in a day. Is 4 tbsp not too much? Could that not possibly hurt your stomach, all that acid???? Plus, if people are having a hard time taking that much, here is an easy way to take it, if you love vegetables that is. I love to make this salad which consist of chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, then add some olive oil and ACV....and of course salt and pepper. I usually only add like a tbsp or so of ACV, but I guess you could add more, e
  9. The dont eat grains thing, the don't eat dairy...blah blah is somewhat a good thing when it comes to trying to treat acne, but it's obvious a lot of people eat ALL that and a lot worse, and their skin is clear. I was watching some show today about people who weigh like 600lbs or so.......very, very sick, and they ate TOTAL garbage all day, and I noticed they have totally CLEAR skin. Every one of them, clear skin. There insulin was so bad , their legs were swelling up. Sick huh, but what is more
  10. Holding off from sex......that is just getting way too paranoid about breaking out. That should not cause some massive breakout, or you have a great deal of hormonal issues going on. Even if you dont have acne, if you are not in a relationship and dont enjoy that and the intimacy(sex), then life wont be too great.....so if ask me wouldnt matter if your face stayed clear from not having sex or not, if you are going to be miserable and not have sex.
  11. Moojamba.....what exactly is your type of skin? Do you have just oily skin or is it sensitive at all? I tried the dip regimen before and seemed to work but my skin started feeling gross so went back to cleansers. I am currently breaking out again and sort of want to try just soaking my face in water because its so irritated from using BP, but I dont know if that is good for sensitive skin. My skin is so sensitive, I have to use a cleanser like Cetaphil or Aquanil. Any cleanser that suds irritat
  12. I am currently having a horrible time with my complexion. In October 2006, that seems to be when my face started to get this worst, and I was taking GNC, Ultra Mega Vitamin for Women. Not sure if the acne had anything to do with the vitamin. Anyways, of course I got paranoid and decided to switch over to another vitamin. I ended up having to use a topical for my face in January, 2007 and my acne wasn't bad at all by the end of February, if I recall. I decided to try the GNC vitamin again, starti
  13. Just curious if any girls are or have tried the herbal supplement Chaste Tree Berry(Vitex agnus-castus)? I recently went to a local health food store, and this lady recommended it for hormonal imbalance. My testosterone is slightly elevated and this herb could decrease the androgens after a while. I had never heard of it before, but for $10.99, I figured I could give it a try. I was doing some reading online regarding this supplement: Vitex agnus-castus is the scientific name for the plant co
  14. haha, i had to respond to this thread. recently ive been extra hormonal my testosterone is elevated to begin with, so having to deal with the breakouts. anyways, i noticed lately i've self pleasured myself (unforunately single right now), more than in a while, and my chin looks like a damn pizza. i hate that jawline acne! i think something already triggered the breakout, because it had slowed down about a month ago, but then it seems my testosterone is more elevated now. but yeah, recently it s
  15. I think usually cystic acne has to do with excessive hormones or i would think it does, unless its an allergy to something. right now i have one on my chin :( im soooo depressed, although it seems to be drying up but i know it will be there a while.