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  1. I have heard though that on those products, first you purge, then your skin gets better.
  2. Yes, it sounds that way. Maybe just stop using anything for a few days. I don't know if you have an allergy to benzoyl peroxide. Some people respond better to different acne meds. They might all work on you, but some might work better than others. For me, I have found sulfur to work really great.
  3. Well, it sounds like either you have an allergy, or you just used too much of the clearasil product. I really thought the Joesoef worked fabulously on my skin. I don't think all of hte products have benzoyl peroxide, but I could be wrong. I know the acne lotion does NOT have benzoyl peroxide. Eventually, you will find what works best for your skin. I found out about this stuff on allure.com, and I am sure glad I did because I feel so happy with my new skin! Good luck to you!!!
  4. well, if you are not sure, why not just try their sulfur soap first. That would be a gentle way to get started. Sounds like you might have been using too much of hte benzoyl peroxide stuff from clearasil. If you are not sure, seriously go to the allure.com forums, and check out this link for all the info/411. http://boards.allure.com/thread.jspa?threa...91&tstart=0 When I used it, my skin did get a little dry (this will happen with any acne product), but I just used a moisturizing sunsc
  5. Cool! From Indonesia? Well, that is awesome. I believe in Indonesia it goes by another name, but I'm not sure. You could email them and ask. Do you live there, or is that what your family is from? I used proactive and I really hated it. Anyway, I think the Joesoef stuff is pretty inexpensive. You can read a ton of reviews about it on the allure.com message boards. I saw a few postings on makeupalley.com aboutit. I bought only one kit, and it really helped clear my acne out. Anything
  6. I agree. Stay away from the Accutane and only use as a last resort. You probably need to exfoliate more to address your body acne.
  7. Hi: sorry to see you are having such a tough time. I agree with the other posters and would say your acne is severe. What products have you tried? You probably should see a derm. You should also check your diet - eat more healthily! Avoid touching your face with your hands or cell phone, drink more water, take vitamins. That might help your skin to be more healthy to heal from your acne. My acne used to be pretty bad, and I've tried almost everything. Keep your spirits up, you will find a
  8. Hi: everyone had great input. I agree about getting a healthier diet. you should be taking vitamins and some kind of fish oil or essential fatty oil. Your vitamin should contain anti-oxidants like vit a, c, and e, and also zinc and selenium since I have read those are hte best for optimal skin health. You don't need all of those other fancy fillers and stuff. Also, I use Joesoef Skin Care products. They are an alternative to the regular stuff on the market because they are sulfur based.
  9. What is the ingredient in this product that makes it work? Anyone know?
  10. Hi: well, to get rid of dead skin, you definitely need to exfoliate. I use a Glycolic face cream from Joesoef Skin Care. I have VERY sensitive skin, and this product does not irritate me at all. I would suggest you give a Glycolic a try. This one has a really good formulation, and contains 8% of glycolic. Anyway, it is really easy to use. Just cleanse your face, apply to your t-zone (or, all over your face if you want), let it sink in for a few mins, then spot treat as necessary. Then, y
  11. Hi! I use sulfur based products to treat my acne. I have used other products, but the sulfur based stuff really works for my skin. I use Joesoef Skin Care's Sulfur Soap 10%, and their Anti-Acne Lotion with sulfur 6%. This product has made a difference in my skin, and I have been super happy with the results!
  12. I sincerely believe that drinking more water is better for your skin! So, go ahead and drink up! Your skin will be more hydrated and healthy. I think most people don't drink enough wwater to begin with.
  13. It could be your cell phone, or maybe you are just touching your face in those areas more now?
  14. Sounds like it is just a clogged pore. Is it like the kind of stuff that comes out when you biore your nose?
  15. I used to use the Murad Spot Treatment (sulfur based), but now I use the Joesoef Skin Care Spot Cream (also sulfur based) because it is much cheaper. It came in the Joesoef Anti-Acne kit that i bought. Now that my acne has cleared from the Joesoef Acne kit, I use the spot treatment, and sometimes their Acne Lotion as well to spot treat at night. Great stuff, and it is a vanishing formula, unlike the proactive mask (which I also used to use). I definitely suggest you check it out!