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  1. Hey Tanya,
    I read you took accutane in 2016. Hows your skin is doing now?


  2. Did your son got cleared on accutane and at which month? is he still clear? Thanks

  3. Hi, I know its been more than 2 years. Are you still taking vitamin B5. Its been about 2 weeks, I am taking vitamin B5 with L-carnitine. I cant take much as I already have dry skin and dandruff problem. SO I am taking 2g of Vitamin B5, 1multivitamin and 500mg of L-carnitine. first week it was ok, but from last 4-5 days I am breaking out with deep cystic acne. Yesterday It was so deep that I was not able to sleep because of pain. Can you please let me know, which kind of acne you were suffering
  4. Hi Gagan, I am 30 year old female with severe-moderate cystic acne. I am suffering from acne from last 10 years and it is so embarrassing to have severe acne at this age, specially when you have a kid with you. I took accutane course in 2011 and was clear for 1.5 years and then started to get acne in 2013, after 2014 my acne became mild as I was pregnant, my acne was pretty mild till my daughter turned 2 years and from last 1-2 years my acne is more of moderate to severe. I am thinking to take
  5. @nchl1995- Can you please let me know how was your acne before you started this breathing technique. like were they severe, moderate or mild? cystic or whiteheads? hormonal or non-hormonal? You had posted this in 2015, Hows your acne now? Please please reply. Thanks a lot
  6. Please update how it is going with estroblock?
  7. How was the results after few months? are you still taking them?
  8. Please let me know if you all are still taking Estroblock/DIM for acne? and how is your periods? Thanks
  9. hi can you please tell the brand you using for omega 3 and other supplements.
  10. Update: week 7 no improvement or may b worse. Old scare are already there, new scars forming. Still breaking out.. Loosing hope. Don't know what to do. Crying for help. Should I quit?
  11. Any good alternate to dan's moisturiser?
  12. I am having oily skin with adult acne since i was 20. I am now 28. I have tried many topical treatments, antiboitics and accutane once (accutane was effective when i was on it but after discontinuing that I got a lot of acne). During pregnancy and after delivery, my acne got better for about one year but then i started getting acne. After reading many articles about zinc, that leaky gut can result acne. I started taking zinc supplement, once a day. For initial 4-5 days, my acne was started to h