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  1. Hi, im 3 weeks into the regimen. My skin has been clearing up dramatically, and it was almost completely clear yesterday. But today, I suddenly broke out. 4 new zits have appeared, and maybe more on the way. I'm wondering why did this happen? I've been using the same instructions for the past 3 weeks, and they seemed to be working ok. Now, I'm using more bp than I used to, but I'm getting pimples now. Does bp stop working for you after a while or something?
  2. but I can't really co ntrol the exfoliation, since its in my moisturizer. Everytime I apply the moisturizing, it exofoliates I think. Should I stop using it or something?
  3. Hi, right now my skin is somewhat peeling. I'm using Dan's recommended moisturizer. I'm wondering if the peeling is cuz I'm using too much BP, or if its because im exfoliating. Basically, I wondering if you are supposed to be able to physically see the effects of exfoliation.
  4. Hi, my skin has been peeling for the last day or two, and I've been on the regimen for two weeks. I'm thinking that I've been using too much BP for now, but at the same time my friend told me having my skin peel off is healthy once in a while. Should I allow more skin to peel off or should I cut down on the BP? Also, my skin is turning darker in some places. When should I start using an acid toner to tone my skin?
  5. I tried, I haven't touched it for a long time. The thing is they have been on my nose for over a year, and still no signs of recession.
  6. Hi, this is my situation. Right now, I have a few former pimples on my nose. What I mean by this is that I have little protrusions on my nose that were once pimples. I have tried to squeeze them out numerous times, but it seems that there is nothing in there, just a bump. Is there any way to get rid of this? Thanks
  7. It's been a week since I started to use the regimen. I noticed that the reason of my wrinkles is because my skin is SO dry, that it causes them. It also sort of looks like some of my skin color is a little lighter shade than other parts. I'm using the Eucerin moisturizer Dan recommended with the BP everyday, but my skin just keeps getting dryer and dryer. My question is, how do I stop it from being so dry? Am I applying too much BP? I know I'm putting enough moisturizer because I put well
  8. How would I apply this toner? Like after I apply the BP, or after moisturizer, or what?
  9. Hi, I've been using the Regimen for almost a week. When I apply on the BP, my skin gets sort of wrinkly and its very drive. How would I prevent the wrinkles?