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  1. Now then people. Been back to the doctor and he's finally referred me to a dermatologist who I'll see next month. Been looking around the net and it seems I've given myself something that is almost impossible to cure although some people claim to have done so. There's literally hundreds who've had this disease for years though without managing to find a solution. I'll be honest it's doing me head in. I really do think the supplements listed in the diet tips in this forum are to blame in some wa
  2. Having a really bad day today. My lips have basically broken up into rock hard segments on my top lip with little gaps in between. Been taking the Evening Primrose Oil for two and a half weeks. Suppose the dermatologist did say it'd be at least two months. Got a week off again in two weeks. Might try hiding for another week.
  3. Managed to get in touch with a well known dermatologist who's been very helpful. Reckons I need to try taking Evening Primrose Oil in large doses which I've been doing. He reckons it'll be a month or two before I start seeing any improvement. I've been good at leaving my lips alone and I'm still off the booze (They always look worse after I've been drinking) and they don't look as bad as they have done preivously. Still fall off every few days though! Good luck everyone.
  4. Well, the experiment looks like it's been a failure. After ten days the worst affected area in the middle of my top lip finally came off today and the area underneath still looks like it's going to go back into it's usual cycle. We shall see. I'm actually now considering a liver flush as there's apparently a link between toxins in the liver and this condition. Doesn't sound too pleasant but anythings worth a go I suppose. Good luck in 2008 people.
  5. Happy New Year people! Mine wasn't great what with the hiding indoors and telling everyone close to me that I was away celebrating somewhere else but the leaving the lips experiment has been interesting to say the least. It's been 4 days and almost all the way across both lips is covered in rock hard dead skin with a few cracks where I've had to move my lips to eat etc. I've been good at keeping the lips as dry as possible. I'm hoping that by Monday when I have to go back to work that the ski
  6. Quick update. Things have got worse over Christmas. The affected areas are spreading acorss my lips and areas that were healthy are now starting to be affected like the rest. I have a week off work next week and I'm actually going to hide over New Year, leaving my lips and try not to get them wet for a week. See what happens. Good luck everyone!
  7. I'm not sure you understand what it is that I have. This isn't dry lips. It's like the skin which grows back on them has changed in some way and is no longer water proof, falls off at least twice a week and is a different colour while it's healing. I'd love to go back to this time last year when I would look in the mirror at my scars. Now I'm looking at my lips all the time! Them supplements have knackered me. I really can't see this being cured.
  8. Cheers all for posting. I've been back to the doctor and he's prescribed more anti-fungal infection tablets as he still believes it's some form of infection which is causing this. I've also started putting on a new balm on my lips which has more natural oils in it. This hides the problem quite well until the day the lips go mental and start falling off. This has almost definately been caused by one of those supplements listed at the top of the page. Lifes been alright in the main though so c
  9. The problem is now even with lip balm or vaseline my lips are still rock hard, peel off, go red raw and then the cycle restarts. I'm getting severely depressed with this condition.
  10. Cheers, I'm looking at giving everything a go at the moment. I'm pretty sure it's the supplements on this page that have caused this. All the other people talking about this on-line have bitten their lips for many years. I haven't. At the same time I also got loads of little yellow dots on my lips which I've learned are called fordyce's spots. These are a variant of sebaceous glands and although are meant to be harmless definately came on at the same time as the crazy lip disease which I now h
  11. Cheers fella. That's what I'm going to suggest to the doctor but looking online there are loads of people who've had this condition years and have tried every steroid oitment going and it still hasn't fixed it. It's a right pain in the arse I can tell ya.
  12. This isn't normal dry lips though. I guarantee you won't have seen anything like this even on Roaccutane which I was on almost 10 years ago. The skin which grows back on my lips doesn't attach itself properly and has no ability to stretch, it grows back rock hard, turns white when it gets wet like it's absorbing the water then falls off. It happens to people who bite their lips for many years and the bodies reaction is to make skin grow back on the lip too fast in order to protect them. I'm t
  13. Been doing a bit of checking today and I have similar symptoms to people who have been picking their lips for years and their bodies immune system builds up a rock hard layer of skin to protect the lips. I'm thinking the supplements I was using put my immune system into overdrive and caused this within weeks rather than years. Anyone have any theories? Cheers.
  14. Absolutely gutted. Going back to the doctors this week. The ointment prescribed hid the condition to some extent but I'm to the period now where I need to discontinue and it's just the same as before. Lips turn white and fall off after a few days and contact with water. Red skin underneath, skin grows back thick and rock hard then falls off again. Cycle repeats. Found this page on-line and I'm going back into the mindset that I'm completely fucked. http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/240106
  15. Yeah, this has been miles worse than my scarring. Put it into complete perspective. I actually think if I can get my lips sorted my outlook on life will be so much better as my scarring will no longer be a problem. I used to hate the people on here who come on and say, "Get on with it, people hardly notice your scars." Or whatever but I can now see what they mean. I've been walking round for 6+ months with my lips broken up into rock hard squares and no-ones commented. (I work in a school and