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  1. Ya, ok thats what I thought. I'm probably just being paranoid!
  2. Even though I've been usuin bp 5% for 3 months now? You think it will take me another month to get used to this stuff?
  3. Ok... thanks alot you guys for your imput....here's my only fear... My face is almost clear as it is.... I haven't had any new zits for a week and a half... and using just bp like I have been is helping fade the ones that are there. I'm scared that if I suddenly change, I might break out again or something! Branch- I do use Cetaphil mositurizer too! - weird! But ya, I've been getting progressively happier about the look of my face... which is why I felt weird going to see the docter and which is
  4. My acne hasn't been really all that bad lately, but I made this doctor's appointment about a week ago when I was upset and even though I wasn't feeling the same way anymore, I decided to go to him yesterday and ask his advice. (Here where I live in Canada, you have to go to a regular family doctor and get a recommendation before you can go to a dermatologist ) Anyway, he looked at my 'not too bad' skin for only a few seconds before writing me up a perscription for this stuff: Clindoxyl Gel. Her
  5. If you were reffering to drinking water, then YES!!!! I cannot stress enough how much drinking water and keeping your body hydrated helps your skin! - and has helped mine! When I first started my water drinking rampage, I saw a change for the good every day! Now I'm almost clear! DRINK I SAY, DRINK!!!
  6. No... never seen before. Definately looks interesting though, eh? Anyone tried it?...
  7. I recently opened up to my girlfriend about how much my complexion bothers me, to the point of it affecting how I act around her sometimes, and she took it totally awesomely too! I know your feeling! It's just great! It's a bit diferent with me though- a bit more awkward you see... we've been dating for 3 and a half years! Obviously, over that amount of time, I would assume she already had an inkling about how I felt, and I already knew that she would never judge me about it... but it was just t
  8. It's a daily cold prevention medication. You take just 1 a day if you don't have a cold or up to 9 a day ( ) to get rid of a cold. All it really is is a concentrated form of Ginseng, which is just a herb. I've taken it before and haven't really noticed any major changes. I really don't know though... If you're feelin suspicious about it, best to be safe and stop taking it! If you feel you still want something for cold prevention/getting rid of, try takin echinacea. It's another herb I think wor
  9. My mom baked it I think and she actually has this really good recipe with crouton crums and ranch dressing on top... *drools* which is irrelevant I know. If what you were really asking was whether or not it matters if you fry it or bake it.... I'm not sure. I think just for general health and eating fish for the weight-loss benefit, I've heard it's healthier to bake than fry... but I'm pretty sure the way you cook fish shouldn't alter whatever it is inside that helps your face! Don't quote me on
  10. I've been using Dan Kern's Regimen for 3 months (to the day as a matter of fact) but I had a bit of a depressing break down last week when, once again, right when I think things are going well, two huge zits come up on both my cheeks... you know the kind you can feel firmly beneath the skin before you even see anything. I was just so fed up with how I looked: a mixture of shiny redness, and blotches of dry white skin. Well just 3 days ago, I decided to randomly take a page out of my health-nut g