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  1. Hi Pepe. You are very nice looking with nicer skin than I ever had but i understand you want to look the best you can, and if there are treatments available to do help you why not. (just check out doctors credentials and background before letting then point a laser at you.) This is my experience with rolling scars, much worse than yours. I had 3 treatments of subcision each followed by fraxel restore. My rolling scars greatly improved, many vanished completely. So yes, I would go with that for
  2. It would have been more honest if he had said no up front and made his case then. Instead it sound like he jerked you around for as long as possible and then pushed the whole thing off onto his hatchett man, or in this case woman, to say no. I don't know about his medical skills, but how he handled your refund request shows a lack of intergrity. I hope he sees this is only going to hurt his business in the end if he doesn't handle this properly.
  3. Hey Faizal, i agree with your choice. Ernesto had good results and has rapport with Dr. Khan so it makes sense for him to continue. You had a different experience so it makes sense for you to move on. i wouldn't want someone pointing lasers at my face if i had any doubts about them, free or not. Do you have in the UK websites with doc. credentials and legal actions listed? Most states here in US have this, and i check always even for dentists, eye doc. etc. My advice in moving on to other docs
  4. Hi Faizal, i'm very sorry to hear of your experience with Dr. Khan. Thanks for sharing. I was so impressed with Ernestoria's posts i was thinking about coming from US to see Dr. Khan. Not anymore. On PRP and Stem Cells, alot of hype but haven't seen published studies backing it up. I hope you can find another more affective treatment.
  5. Can you tell us approximately how much each procedure cost? (i.e. needling, Fraxel, silicone injections, Affirm C02?) Thanks. Wasn't easy finding records, so I'm working from crowded memory space, but here goes Subcision $850 Dr. Rapaport NJ Fraxl Restore $1,500 for the first 3, 4th one free. Next and last 2 $1,100 Dr. R again silicon $350 each Dr. Katz NYC Levulan w/VBeam $675 Dr. K again Affirm $780 Dr. K again Affirm CO2 $980 Dr. K again
  6. Yes, that's what I had also, Fraxel Restore.
  7. Can you tell us approximately how much each procedure cost? (i.e. needling, Fraxel, silicone injections, Affirm C02?) Thanks. HI MRMATT I'm glad to hear about a new laser. For now I'm fed up with Lasers - I'm about to undergo my second round of silicone for two deep rolling scars. Did your 9 rounds of Silicone atleast help any of your rolling scars? What Dr did your silicone? MIne is DR Orentreich in NYC. Thanks Hi Fory, this was my post originally, not mr. Matt's ( i wil
  8. I tried Affirm CO2 laser which is pretty new I think. I had 2 treatments about 6 weeks apart, the last one about 5 months ago. My ice pick scars, (about 10-15 on each side) have improved from 10-30%. This may not sound dramatic but it's the only one of many different treatments I've tried that made a noticeable imporvement. Previously I had 4 regular Affirms, about 9 treatments of silicone injections, and before that 6 fraxels, with 2 needling treatments. All of that combined made only margina
  9. Dry lips will pass, but if you're having joint pain I'd consider the risk of that long term versus the acne which will pass. I'm have tendon problems in my feet and hands from my accutane treatment 5 years ago, which my dermatologist wasn't even aware of as a side effect. I would have opted for lasers had they been available then. They may not be affective or permanent as accutane, but it might get you through the acne years, without the possible long term side affects. The cost can be an issue
  10. Thanks for your reply Dan. I have 10-20 small ice picks on each cheek. That many and close together, punch graft isn't feasible. I'll see what happens with the silicone. I'm considering TCA Cross, but haven't found any experienced docs in the ny area, except 1 in nj I won't mention by name, but has been subject of enough negative posts to give me concern.
  11. Dan, did you have any icepick scars, and if so how much have they improved? I have had 4 treatments so far from Dr. Katz in nyc, 1 month apart, with no improvement yet. (My results are somewhat scewed because i recently had fat injections which did wonders for me structurally but stretched out my icepick scars and made them more prominent. )