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  1. i tried desitin last night and this morning didnt notice much a difference but its not worse!
  2. im using dans bp and cleanser and cetaphil mosturizer i've been following the steps perfectly, the amount of zits is the same but some of them at first they itch and it looks like a bug bite then over night they get to the size of between a dime and nickle and a little white head form in the middle i've never had anything like that before, and they're really annoying, but ive also gotten a similar on my body i had one near my elbow and that was just confusing am i allergic to something? or is th
  3. Im in week four of the regime and so far its only gotten worse, when am i allowed to admit it doesnt work for me?
  4. i was wondering if anyone has any advice on what to use to treat red spots while using benzoyl peroxide any advice would be most wonderful!
  5. i found this stuff called "sayman salve first aid" in my bathroom and i was wondering if i could use it like sudocrem is used its ingredients are Zinc Oxide, Camphor and perservative (quaternium-15) in a petrolatum, lanolin, propylene glycol base any help would be appreciated
  6. the first day i did the bp i was really oily too but that was the only day its ever happened which doesn't really make sense, but maybe it could work the same way for you
  7. im gonna go get some desitin tomorrow and i'll let you know how it goes
  8. Im in my third week of dkr and i thought it was all going good until two days ago when everything just went downhill, i hope my skin will finally be better after this breakout
  9. I am just starting the regimen, and i was wondering how much bp i should be using, i have sensitive skin and i only plan on putting the bp around my mouth area. thank you!