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  1. I'd recommend the CSR (Dan's) BP. It goes on MUCH easier, which really made a huge difference in the amount of skin irritation.
  2. I'd like to add my $0.02... I visited this site a few months back, and it seemed to have a genuine interest in helping people. The forums were fairly "unmoderated" - criticism was left on the board, or so it seemed. Everyone here seemed to be interested in truly solving the problem of Acne through shared information and collaboration. I liked this, a lot. So, I tried the regimen. I started with off-the-shelf products, then tried Dan's. His products are very good, you can tell he really ca
  3. Thanks guys, err.... girls! I did try mixing Jojoba with the moisturizer at first (when I first got the Jojoba), but found it worked much better applying separately after cleansing. It sounds like the CSR cleanser may be a bit too drying for my skin. Looks like I'll be toying around with other cleansers to get the right fit for my skin type. Reading on cleansers across these boards, I had previously gone out and gotten a few different ones. I have Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, Aveeno Ultra
  4. First off let me say that I'm loving the regimen. I've been on it for around 3 months (though i did veer off course a bit, adding SA and other things in early on). I'm now on a very strict and clear regimen that's working well at keeping me clear: 1) Cleanse gently with CSR Cleanser in shower 2) Pat dry, apply Jojoba oil to face (a few drops) 3) Wait to dry, apply CSR BP (1 finger) 4) Wait to dry, apply moisturizer (greasy Cetaphil at night, Neutrogena Sensitive Skin AHA during day) The abov