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  1. How's it going people. So I haven't posted on here for a looong time. The last time was in 2011 I'm pretty sure, when I started my first course of Accutane, which was at 20mg-30mg for 4 months. Needless to say it kind of worked. Fast forward to 2018 and I am now on day 8 of my second course of tane. I managed to get referred, seen, bloods and have Accutane in my hand in about 2 weeks, pretty quick . I am starting on a 30mg dose, so we will see how this goes. I remember from last time I was st
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply... I'm nearing the end... Of my 4 month course.. I actually run out of pills on Saturday coming and then meant to have a follow up to decide weather to stop them or not. To be honest I've got to a point now where t's jus a constant thing, like it's controlling it and not stopping. I still have superficial acne and it's not going. I also have been getting the odd cist on my back which is bloody sore I can tell u. I've been on 30mg since like month 2 to now. Quite honestl
  3. mmm I started on 20mg for the first 6 weeks, then i got put to 30mg and am on week 8 and i have another 10 weeks worth. He reckons that will do. I personally think its a bit low.
  4. Hi cherrington, Your course seems to be going really well. Great improvement since you started Can i ask what dose your taking now ? Keep up the good work
  5. Hi, looks like its coming along nicely.. Few questions, what dosage have you been on, and when u got to the second month were there any improvements or did it start more near 3... im 2 months through mine and although have mild acne, i havent seen much improvement. Thanks
  6. Day 42 Hellooo..Havent been on in a while because it all seems to be going well. This was until i fell ill and was off work. I was in my bed for like 5 days. What a B*tch that was. So while i was sick my immune system was knackered which meant inevitable spots. Its now 2-3 days after recovering to which i still have killer cough and cold, and it all seems to be slowly sorting itself out again.. I Have my first follow up derm appointment and blood test on Monday oooo. I wonder how that will al
  7. MMM Okay at work right not , but thought id just drop a line. Just got some Blistex Conditioning Lip Balm from eBay....My lips feel amazing, Its like theres a constant tingly warm feeling...Wow. Skins doing ok at the min, i have like a bindi spot or 2 under the skin which you cant really see, it just looks like i have a slight red patch on my head
  8. Day 23 Hellooo.. Gosh its been a while since i updated this. Ive just been going round my girlfriends pretty much everyday. Work then home then changed and go to the gym, then get back eat dinner and go to hers. Well i decided to go out last night for my sister birthday and was contemplating drinking all week, and looking at reviews on the matter. Anyhow, i decided to do it. I had a Lager dash, basically a shandy in my view, and 2 vodka cranberry drinks, along with a water and a coke. To be hone
  9. Day 15 Well im not feeling particularly great today if i'm gonna be honest. I haven't been out in ages (as in town), and my skin the past 5 days has gotten good to the point where i was going to go out on the weekend with my girlfriend and people... NOT THE CASE NOW! I'm so pissed off. Over the past day or two its got worse. Its not crazy bad, but its enough for me to not want to see anyone. It does have a knock on my confidence and anyone that says it doesn't is obviously lying, because i don't
  10. Day 9 - 20 Mg oookkk..Well today my lips are as dry as, i bought some Carmex and although it is better than the Vaseline i was using i still have to apply it like all the time. My skin i haven't noticed getting dry, to be honest whenever i washed my face even with just warm water and then patted it dry, it would be really dried out, and then i moisturized and i was colorless until about 6-7 at night and i looked like i had some life in me and not like a zombie...weird. But yer so I'm showering i
  11. Day 7 mmm Yer i know I haven't found many on the 20mg over 6 weeks either tbh... I think im gonna have to stay on this till i see him then decide what we're going to do with dosage. OK so day 7... Today I woke up thinking mmm my lips are dry, so i put on the Vaseline, this is a regular occurrence as i have carried a Vaseline with me for probably the past 6 years lol, i always stick it on now and then...I then had to use it again in about an hour and again...anyway..My lips are getting DRY. Im o
  12. Day 4 Sooo I thought I'd kick it off as now's a good a time to start it than any.. havent really noticed any difference as of yet, I have had a few more pimps on my forehead though very small, i do not get them on my forehead to be honest and havent had one for like years there, just every other part of my face, and ive also noticed more blackheads on the sides of my nose...Other than that i havent seen any difference.. But then again I am only on 20mg at the mo.. I am currently using - Clea
  13. Hey..Just to let ya know i've started my log now Accutane Log Oooooooo Let it Work its Magic
  14. Hey People, Finally had a Derm appointment last week, after waiting for soooo long to get a referral...5 years nearly 6 going forwards and backwards to the doctors to try yet again another flavour of antibiotics...i mean seriously! Any-who... Went and had my blood tests and then received them back within 2 days..wow... then phoned my Derm to which he confirmed i could start the Tane Train and pic my prescription up that day.. So of i plodded to pick my prescription later that night. I then
  15. Well its official....I am now the owner of Roaccutane ooooo... Just picked up my prescription from the chemist after phoning around trying to find someone with it in stock lol. I will start a log and let you know how its going..day to day hopefully, or less..what do you think, weekly daily? Hi Stoppimple, yer well i went to the private derm to begin with and luck has it that he was the guy that i was going to be seeing on the NHS anyway, so i paid for the consultation which was £150, which is