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  1. I`m just very afraid after i read this: https://www.drugs.com/answers/can-accutane-cause-leukemia-360619.html I got my blood test today, blood is fine, liver is is parameters. I know that leukemia is something cannot be prevented and the cause are not well known, but what you suggest me to do now? I can`t live with that. I`m fine now, i don`t have any side effects. I took two courses of accutane, first was about 1,5 years ago, about 5 months, which i took around 30 mg per day at 80 kg, an
  2. I`ve took Accutane 30 mg per day about one year.Now i`ve found this: https://www.drugs.com/answers/can-accutane-cause-leukemia-360619.htmlIs it real? There is just coincidence or there are truth?Also, how can i remove accutane completely from my body? My blood results are just fine right now. But on the future ...
  3. I`ve took Accutane 30 mg per day about one year. Now i`ve found this: https://www.drugs.com/answers/can-accutane-cause-leukemia-360619.html Is it real? There is just coincidence or there are truth? Also, how can i remove accutane completely from my body?
  4. Hello, I took Accutane for about 5,5 months and low dose, more exactly first month on 20 mg per day, and the other months 30 mg per day. I`m boy, 21 years old, have 80 kg. My acne was mild to moderate, but with huge pimples, some little cystic. I was clear, and this happened for about 4-5 months, then it started to slowly come back, not as big as in the beginning but still with 2-3-4 pimples always on my face. About one month ago, i took a new month of 20 mg per day and i stopped. The face b
  5. I dont have really bad scars. But having beard is something i want more than repairing these low scars.
  6. Hello, i want to have beard. I`m male, 21 years old. And i don`t have beard. It's strange. I`ve been on Accutane for 5 months, 30 mg/day, no pimples, my face is crystal clear except some bad scars on my lower cheeks. If i had a good beard, then these scars would be covered. And i love to have beard. But i don`t. Is there any ways to make my beard raise in lower cheeks, cheeks? I`m currently trying castor oil, it`s first day when i apply it to my face. I will try to use the razor blade at two day
  7. Why to up dossage? I had moderate acne, got 20 mg per day first month, then 30 mg per day in next months until i reach month 6. Accutane have bad side effects if you take higher dosage, just take lower dosage for one or two months addition. You will get clear anyway even you take 30 mg or 80 mg per day.
  8. Hello, i`m on Accutane, month 3 week 1. I had moderate acne and mostly caused by masturbation / wet dreams. My acne wasn`t so bad but i wanted clear skin which i got from the end of month 2. I got prescribed 20 mg per day first month and then 30 mg per day. I plan to get 3 more months on Accutane. Now even i masturbate or have wet dreams, my face remains clear. I want to ask this community if when i stop Accutane and i do sex/masturbate/wet dreams if my acne will get back or not. EDIT
  9. I suffered from masturbation - acne link too. I got Accutane, i`m in month 3 week 1, got 20mg first month per day and 30mg second&third month, i plan to get same amount for more 3 months, until month 6. No more pimples from month 2. Why do you think acne stopped even it was caused by masturbation? How does accutane work with acne-masturbation link?
  10. It's strange because Accutane doesn`t affect in any way that type of hormones.
  11. My oppinion is to take Accutane, but take it in low dose (20-30 mg per day), and that it for longer time. In this way you will reduce a lot the bad side effects and you will get only small side effects such as dry lips, skin.
  12. Routine seems good. But it seems your life will suck. Better get on Accutane, take it low dose for 6 months and forget acne forever, then masturbate each day and enjoy the life.
  13. Depends on how much Accutane you will take. If you stay on a dose lower than 40 mg per day, Accutane should be safe. (except some minor side effects like dry body, face, lips, back pain - which will stop after taking Accutane). If doctor prescribes you more than 40 mg per day, Accutane have high chances of moderate to high side effects. In my opinion get a low dose Accutane (20 to 40 mg per day) for a longer time. It will clear you.
  14. Even i`m clear now and i take Accutane for just 45 days(my acne wasn`t that bad, and i was on 20 mg first month and now on 30 mg), Regarding depression, there`s one thing which will help you: you must be sure that accutane will clear you 100%, even you have to wait 30 days for that or 180 days. Think just you stayed with acne years, you can wait few more weeks or months until you are clear. I know it`s hard because your body is so dry. But just think at that. Accutane clears acne. Side effects
  15. Problem for me is not masturbating. I can stay without masturbation forever. Problem for me is wet dreams. I have a wet dream per week. However, i`m on Accutane low dose for about 5 weeks and no pimples right now on my face. Just a lot of scars and dark pigmentation. I use a retinoid cream to remove these scars and spots in the night. First month i was on 20 mg per day and now i`m on 30 mg. No side effects, just dry lips and a little of back pain. Doctor told me to stay on Accutane for about
  16. It's acne scars. If they are not bumpy on the skin, it's acne scars. Use a retinoid to get that scars away from your skin. Use it for a month or two. Scars will fade for sure.
  17. Use benzoyl peroxide or isotrexin. If the acne is moving on your cheeks when you get older, get on a low dow Accutane. Talking from my experience. Started from forehead, moving to lower cheeks then cheeks.
  18. The theory is simple. Excess testosterone can be solved by taking Vitamin A / Accutane, not for long, maybe 3 months for getting the glands smaller. That's my theory, and it`s pretty simple. Trying other things it`s a waste of time. You can't fight with hormones.
  19. I`m in day 41 currently, i see my pimples are very dry and my overall face texture is pretty good. I hope no new pimples & cysts will appear to my face in future. I will keep the thread updated with progress.
  20. I've seen people on Accutane who were clear after less than 2 months, but then again I've seen people who after 5 months were still breaking out pretty bad. That's definitely depends on the severity of acne of that people. If glands were bigger and produces lot of oil, it's clear that it will take much more time rather than a person which have few cysts and pimples and starts Accutane.
  21. I don`t understand the thing with initial breakout. How you know it is because of Accutane? If you weren`t on Accutane, you won`t have that breakout? As i`ve read Accutane starts to work (or better said, starts to see results) after about 40-45 days of taking it. This means in the first 40 days you will still get the breakouts you usually got. Maybe a bit more breakouts since the glands storms off the oil they have.