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  1. Hi, I know you are desperate, because you have been suffering from acné for a long time. I want to share my advice with you. I am female , 47 years old, and suffering from cistic acné since I was fifteen. I have tried everything included accutane, BCP, .... Birth control pills made my acné worst ever. The only thing that have worked for me is: 1 ) Internal: Flutadine ( or another antiandrogen like saw palmetto + zinc.) 2 ) external use: oxigen wáter, ( this is amazing and very cheap) ap
  2. Hi Yarka, I´m writing this post because I think I can help you sharing with you my experience. I'm female, 44 years old, and suffering from cistic acne since I was 15. I have tried everything, including accutane but nothing worked for me. The only thing I don't know if it Works its spiro because I fainted the first week I was taking it, because I have low pressure. I year ago, I discovered this forum, and I tried saw palmetto 320 mg per day, and my cistic acne is almost cured . 90% cured. I
  3. Saw palmetto has helped a lot for me, 320 mg a day, but at least you should take it for 5 month to notice the change.
  4. Monki, I´m writing this post because I think my experience can help you. I´m 44 years, female, suffering from cystic acne since I was 15 years. I have tried everything including accutane, BCP, yazmin, antibiotics.... 1 year ago I came across this forum, and there was a person, I don´t remember the nickname ( when I remember I will tell you) who has a great success with spiro . I tried spiro, but I could,t take that drug for more than 15 days, because I had low pressure and I fainted. That perso
  5. The brand I am taking of saw palmetto is GNC. It works for me but I haven´t tried other brands, but I am not acne free, but it help a lot
  6. I totally agree. Topicals are a wasted of time and money. I have tried every topical and none of them reduce oil. I know it perfectly, because I have a master degree in acne after suffering from 13 years old to 43 years (actually). The only thing that improve your skin, and decrease oil is ingredients AntiDht.
  7. I am 43 years old, female, suffering from cystic acne since I was 13 and not cured but 80% cured. The only advice I can give you after so many years of this horror desease is not wasting your time with topicals, as I did. The only thing that improve my skin (but not cured) was the ingredients antiDht as Diane35, zinc 50 mg, pumpkin seed oil 50 mg, and recently I have started taking SawPalmetto. I also think tha Spiro has been a great solution for some people, but I have low blood pressure an
  8. Thank you Laitholiel for sharing your experience about saw palmetto, it`s very useful for me. I am currently taking Diane35, but it,not enough for me, and I think I have excess of androgen, and 2 miligrames of ciproterone acetato is not enough. That,s the reason I am actually taking zinc 50 mg + pumpkin seed oil 50 mg + 160 mg of saw palmetto, but I have been taking it just for a month and it´s very soon to say something. I did´t understand well. So, you say you are actually taking 320 m
  9. I am also interesting to know the effects of vitamine B5 in testosterone. I thought it was vitamine b6 and not vitamine B5 that has relation with testosterone, please, Green Gable, tell us your experience with B5. And there is a theory about the conexion between a deficit in coenzyme A ( vitamine B5) and Acne ( from a chinese doctor Dr.Lee I think). I have read that vitamine B6 reduces prolactin, and a reduction in prolactin levels avoid the conversion of testosterone to DHT.
  10. I am also starting saw palmetto a month ago, but it,s too soon to say something, but I,ll keep reporting. I am also interesting to know if someone has any success with SP or not, and report their experience with this stuff. Gem84, what dosage are you actually taking? I am taking 160 mg, and I know I should take at least 360 mg, but I am scared because I am also taking Diane 35 + 50 mg zinc + 50 mg pumpkin seed oil.
  11. I am giving saw palmetto a try, and I am currently taking 160 mg of saw palmetto every day. I know that the dosage of saw palmetto should be 360 mg, but I am scared because I am also taking Diane 35 + 50 mg zinc +50 mg pumpkin seed oil. I have been taking saw palmetto for 20 days and it,s too soon to say something but I ´ll keep updating. Two days ago I received my blood test, and I had 6.5 of estradiol, and the doctor said to me that it`s very low (menopause) for my age ( I´m 43 years ), a
  12. I, m giving saw palmetto a try, but I have only been taking it (120 mg of saw palmetto per day) for a month, and it,s too soon to say something positive or negative. But I´ll keep updating with my experience with saw palmetto. Yanis808, thank you for sharing your opinion. Has anyone tried saw palmetto in the past and could you tell us your experience?
  13. Hearts, I am also interested in the natural progesterone you are on. Could you please tell us the name of it and explain your experience with more detail? I am currently taking Diane35, and It has changed my acne from severe to mild acne, but I have never been clear from acne since I was teen. I was thinking of taking soy isoflavones, because I think that hormone replacement therapy is very dangerous. Mitchi31, my doctor says that replacement hormonal therapy is very dangerous, and It has
  14. Mitchi31, It,s very interesting as you said in your post that my estrogen levels are so low, considering that I have been taking Diane35 for 5 years. I had my blood tested 1 month ago, and yesterday, my doctor gave me the results: 6.1 estradiol and he says its very low for a person at my age ( 43 years). The blood test was done the first day of my period. The last time I had my blood tested the results of estradiol was <5 estradiol ( I don`t know if in your country it´s the same ). It,s
  15. I am also interested in this post. I have also the same problem, I am 43 years old, suffering with cystic acne since I was teen. And every time I get my blood tested, the doctor says to me that my hormonal levels are normal. And I have been also taking diane35 for 5 years. I still have acne, but not so severe. But the last time I had my blood tested, my doctor said that my estrogen levels were very low, the levels for estrogen were <5 (I don´t know if the levels in your country are the s