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  1. I AM SO SORRY I TOOK SO LONG FOR ANOTHER UPDATE. I'm currently on a summer mission for this Christian club I'm in. But on the bright side... My skin is looking FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Seriously you guys, my skin hasn't been this clear since freshman year of high school (and I'm a junior in college now). I did modify the routine a bit more now however. I no longer splash my face in the morning and I use makeup wipes to remove my makeup-- not coconut oil. I realized the less I used, the better it r
  2. angiepants

    Day 6

    Skipped a day because skin was pretty much the same. I noticed that I don't have any huge pimples on my cheeks anymore but i do have a lot of those flesh colored bumps and small whiteheads all over. My forehead still has those 4 huge pimples on it though ugh. I wish there was a magical way for them to be gone by Thursday because it's my cousins graduation. Oh well, one can pray and hope lol
  3. angiepants

    Day 4

    All pimples are continuously going down in size except for these 3 massive ones on my forehead. I do feel like this process has already helped with the redness. I'm thinking of maybe making the water I use only be cold.
  4. angiepants

    Day 3

    I popped a couple of them last night but only because they felt ready! I can feel a pretty big one wanting to come on my forehead though. THEY ARE SHRINKING THOUGH only now it looks like i have a million tiny pimples all over my face (because I do)
  5. angiepants

    Day 2

    May be the placebo effect but skin looks less red. i had a white head just fall out as I applied makeup which has never happened before! However, I do have a bunch of other whiteheads that have started protruding and they're super tempting to pick
  6. angiepants

    Day 1

    So today was day 1! First lemme share exactly what it is i'm doing My Method: Morning: 1. Splash face with water 2. Pat dry 3. Spray with toner (mine is homemade with rose water and about 10 drops of tea tree oil) 4. Put on cream as moisturizer (I have a cream that is supposed to help with hyper pigmentation) 5. Sunblock 6. Continue with makeup Night: 1. Use coconut oil to remove makeup 2. Wipe off with warm, damp cloth 3. Slather on coconut oil and let it soak up during shower (don't