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  1. I'm on day 17. I have mild acne right now but at times it has been moderate. Nothing on my forehead, back, and chest. A couple on my temples, cheeks, and mouth area. Basically I'm wondering for those of you who had acne like mine ... is it normal for me to keep on breaking out while I'm on accutane? When I first started taking it I noticed that the active acne that I had dried out really fast. Although my breakouts have definitely slowed down a bit, I am still breaking out nonetheless. Could I b
  2. Good luck!! you're going to love your new skin and it will be just in time for the summer too!
  3. Day 11 Nothing has really changed...The breakout on Wednesday didn't get worse thankfully. If I wasn't on accutane, I would probably still be exploding right now so that's good. I went to my cousins birthday dinner with my family last night. They said my face is clearing up so that felt good to hear. I don't feel any side effects anymore but I have gotten used to overly moisturizing so it has made a difference. Also I changed my products yesterday.
  4. i wouldnt recommend it - your skin becomes sensiive to light even at low doses of accutane
  5. I'm on 40mg, 9th day. Dry eyes and lips. Drying facial skin.
  6. Day 9 So, yeah, I broke out last night on my right cheek. It so happens that side was always the worst side too. There's like 2 big papules and they're red as hell. It's weird cuz whenever I breakout sometimes I can get canchor(sp?) sores too at the same time. I'll have a week to two weeks of nothing, and then BAMN! explosion everywhere! I think I can still see the light at the end of the tunnel though. If this is the IB, bring it on acne, these are your last words.
  7. I knew that zit on my scalp meant something...I've got a bunch of zits forming especially around my cheeks which has always been my problem area. Ugh, this sucks.
  8. Thanks Florencia Trafalgar, my skin has been getting dryer and dryer especially around the nose. Haven't really been overly moisturizing because it's honestly not that bad. I don't think my skin is devoid of sebum yet, but it has definitely gone down. One thing that I noticed though was that any existing acne I had before I started accutane dried up waaaaaay faster then usual. I had a giant white head under my lower lip and I woke up the next morning to it almost completely gone but there was
  9. Thanks for the support guys! Really appreciate it . I can't really tell if the fish oil is helping out or not...I guess I just wanted to make sure I'm getting good fats instead of eating McDonalds to take my accutane. Day 7 Last night I was washing my face and decided to use a washcloth to exfoliate a little bit. I drew blood...could this be a sign of depression? Lol. No seriously woah my skin is sensitive now! I don't think I'll be doing that again... But otherwise my face is looking better.
  10. Sorry that you couldn't tell your mom, but we will be here for you! I'm 21 too, but it sounds like you've had to deal with your acne longer than I have...sorry...but just think that we will be rid of this in only a few months! Good luck sweetie.
  11. Yay, I'm finally on accutane!!! I've waited a long time for this moment. I've always asked to be on this, but was always told there are other methods to try. Day 1 - 6 It's been almost a week since I've been on Tane. I finally decided to keep a log for not only myself but anyone else who would like to come along my journey to clear skin and confidence. I took my first pill on the 8th just after lunch. I had a huge sushi meal. I loooove sushi. I also took some vitaman e and fish oil with
  12. Some people experience aching in their joints. I'm a competitive swimmer so I was concerned too, but I figured I would take the risk for clear skin. I felt a bit of an ache in the first 2 days of taking it, but I haven't felt anything since then. I'm on day 7.
  13. Is one brand cheaper than the other? I'm assuming they both are pretty much the same and will have the same results...
  14. I never got body odour as well. I wouldn't even put deoderant on. I'm on my second day of Accutane and I get a whif of myself sometimes now which never happened. I don't think it's a coincidence. I've been eating normally. Just gotta be sure to put deoderant on now and I'm sure it'll be fine.
  15. Is this your decision or your doctors? I would take them breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's like eating all of the food you should eat in 1 day at once. Sounds like a convenient idea but it's not good for you.